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Found 9 results

  1. Release BotMind -Static- All info on https://github.com/Star-Zet/bot-mind A little video about it's abilities: https://discord.com/channels/184691218184273920/748572194463940759/1084207649366749264
  2. I know that NPCs are not a new concept discussed around here, but I was thinking about some ideas in which they could be used: Enemies: This one is self-explanatory. But they do not have to be advanced "aliens" (to avoid the "evil alien" trope), they could just be hostile wildlife or machines. Good for the PVE aspect. Pets: Again, self-explanatory. Common aspect of MMOs. I believe that this was already promised anyway. Allies: Recruit an NPC ally to assist you in battle, to guard an area, or even help you in something like building! Non-dangerous wildlife: Maybe you can collect specimens (e.g. bugs and fish) for scientific missions or materials? (This can also apply to non-mobile lifeforms such as flora). There might be other uses for NPCs that I haven't though of yet. Either way, I'd like to hear your thoughts and ideas.
  3. When the game was first pushed out to the public, it was everything that No Man's Sky wasn't and more. However, with how is the game has been developing over the course of 2020 the picture of DU that was painted is completely opposite from the reality of the game in it's current state. As a result, those who've walked away from the game are either gone due to overwhelming burnout, resentment from disappointment, or are simply waiting for Novaquark to get this game back on track. While this game provides "Unprecedented Freedom" (per the latest youtube commercial) the path to getting there and the grind feels ... nearly fruitless. While most content is player created, Novaquark seriously needs to consider taking a more active role in making NPC content, bots to help bolster activity on both PVE and PVP front and create more for a burned out community to engage in. Sure, there's still people who play the game and use the markets and enjoy the game for where it's at. However, the .23 patch rubbed a sizable portion of the populous the wrong way. Now, you have bad word of mouth and a larger sullied populous of people unhappy with what's been done to the game. Asteroids are a great start, however it is similar to giving a hungry 12 year old kid a lolly pop expecting the child to not be hungry for real food later. The real food resides in creating: Frequently Randomly generated NPC PVP ships and haulers that people can attack Activity is low and the remaining PVPers are beginning to fade out the door because the fullfillment and drive just isn't there. Giving us constant food will keep us around longer than Randomly generated asteroids ever could It will be the first legitimate source of continuous content for the community and something worth playing the game for It will be something worth advertising as you will see more and more battles take place in space on much larger scales than ever before People will begin to believe you're turning the game around for the better and the Positive word of mouth will begin to spread Frequent and plentiful NPC Generated Missions for the Mission System Again, another source of content to engage in because the community is too burnt out to create the content on a continuous basis. In addition there's not enough activity, drive or even sources of income to support making missions all the time It will be yet another legitimate source of content for people to get immersion in better word of mouth More stuff to advertise Asteroids Regularly patrolled by NPCs Players are burning themselves out by having to mine more than they PVP. As a result they get pissed and walk away. Break the vicious cycle by auto-generating NPC ships that keep people busy and that way we can salvage them instead of eachother. Again more content for us to engage in more to advertise about People will definitely come back to the game New system Event Make events that will allow us to discover parts to construct a galactic probe for probing new systems and even parts to construct a Stargate. Don't do like you've normally done and lean so extreme to one side and make it next to impossible for people to engage in or have fun. If you start any feature on holy $#!7 mode then only 10 out of 1000 people will try it. Too hard or too tedious = not fun = not profitable = no money for NQ and no subscribers. NO LOCK AND FIRE FOR AVA Starbase and many other games do not use it. Lock and fire method of PVP was fun for ships at first but then just became excessively boring. Seeing the same crap for AVA will only stand to piss people off and drive them away. This WILL hurt your notoriety and eventually your $$$. Find a way to make a real 1st person shooter possible and this game will have more activity than NQ knows what to deal with. It may even lead to another round of investing because of the increase level of activity NQ has to deal with. Please please please get away from Lock-n-Fire for AvA for the Love of all things holy DON'T DO IT.
  4. Adventuring in Dual Universe The forrest.... I love this place. And yet there is no reason for me to be here. I went here today looking for idea's and inspiration. It's a really nice place. Just to stand still, look around and listen. Everyone is in a hurry to gather resources as quickly as possible and amass fast amounts of quanta to become the best industry mogul or richest person in this universe. I've been there already. I've seen the numbers go up in many other games and it can work very well, to get people addicted. It's what many mobile games do. But it's not really what you want to do. You are compelled to do it. Having things is not fun, using things is and discovering and creating things or achieving something to a smaller degree. So why am I standing in this forrest? I know new trees and biomes are comming and I'm exited for it. But I fear it won't change much. We need something new and different. Something that triggers a more primal desire... discovery. When I stand here I feel like this is the place to be. This is where I will find something, and I did... I found a tree and a plant that I don't think I've ever seen. It might be the light though. I also found some T2 ore in seemingly higher concentration than outside the forrest. But that's about it. I want to walk around this place without a scanner and stumbple upon a rock that is really rare and expensive, relatively. I want to find a rare tree, indicating there is a resource nearby that I can't scan for but may have to dig for. I want to find a rare mushroom and sell it for quanta. I want to climb a tree and gather berries, coconuts or catch a squirrel for a pet, it might be a rare color, and sell it or keep it myself. I want to find a rare plant that is used as a component to make a different or better type of ammo. I want to find a strange rock that turns out to be a golem that drops rare resources when I kill it. I want to catch bees or butterflies with a net and have them as a pet. I want to find a bee hive and risk my life trying to get it and sell it for quanta. I want to hear the sound of crackling wood and discover that a tree just fell over nearly missing me as I jump away. I want to get stuck in mud or quicksand and have to use my tool and a tree to get out. I could probably go on for a while but I think you get the gist of it. Caves... one of the most epic and scary things in the game. Yet there is nothing to be scared about.(I know this is not a real cave, use your imagination ) When I discover a cave I expect some danger and reward. I want to see a cave full of shiny crystals to harvest like surface material. I want some of these crystals to be dangerous and look almost unnoticably different and shoot lightning at me. I want to see seaweed in places or more alien plants that obstruct my vision in my attempt to look for things that might be hidden here. I want to discover ancient seamonster skeletons I can gather and sell for quanta. (They don't have to exist and could just be extinct like dinosaurs) I want to have to use a grappling hook or tractor beam to pull me to the ceiling where I see a patch of gems that would get destroyed using the dig tool and requires the use of the gather tool instead. I want to see rocks falling from the ceiling that could crush me or they are a signal of more rocks following that could do that. The rockslide may have a small chance of exposing something but won't change the geometry. Snow... I just want to be able to make snowballs and throw them at players to stun them for a second or make them fall over and have a fridge to store them in.
  5. NPC enemies would give players more stuff to do but I don't think they are necessary. I actually think this game is a breath of fresh air because it doesn't rely on you defeating hundreds of enemies....
  6. I do understand you want this game to be player run but what if Corporations/Players could be in-charge of there own NPC's. Like a Robot/Drone/Clone army that could be destroyed by opposing players for resources that they hold or contain. The NPC's could only act as scripted by players and more complicated commands would need a player to tell the army or just one NPC what to do.
  7. I am an early adopters like many people here. I would like to share with you the following idea. I think it has sense to have a world populated by NPC and governed by players. The player role would be not only create starships, cities and so on, but command NPC characters into various activities. NPCs at grinding Grinding is the first thing that comes to mind, instead of grinding themselves, players would provide their loyal NPCs with the tools and instructions, and follow their progress. This seems personally much more challenging and stimulating to me than grinding myself as an automat. As the CEO of an NPC grinding company, you will have to get good profit in order to pay the salaries of your NPC. NPCs for security Your constructs need to be defended from possible intruders or boarding parties, armed NPCs with more or less preparation and equipment could provide for security and load the game with challenging situations, where players know that they will meet resistance whenever they try to take a building. NPCs for crafting Why have skills on the players themselves. Once more you are confronted with all the boring approach of leveling up, something that is well known from other games. The skills of a player should lie within him as an individual, not on his character. NPC characters could be engineers or scientists, the player is just a leader. NPCs themselves would level up and become more and more valuable as the human resource that they are. NPC based economy guided by players If a player has to pay salaries to NPCs, while at the same time gathering the profit from their economic activities, he would be able to build entire economies. This brings to the player the actual sense of power that he will be pursuing in a game like this from day one (correct me if Im wrong). Other players could join your NPC empire, always occupying positions of more or less power. Players attaining large resources (like constructs, energy, NPCs, weapons) could assign them to other players and give them goals or missions that they can accomplish. I hope I have illustrated it well. The reason of this is that I think that projects where a player will count only on himself and other players will tend to get boring. Getting the attention of other player may be dificult. Probably many players will feel like alone while trying to create their empire out of empty stations and starships where there no movement but their own.
  8. STeelGear


    Ok, long time ago from our time, colonists... and... creatures? Yeah, rly, will be some kind of creatures in game? I mean some types how: mammals, insects, fish, alien. 1 and 3 - result of colonists work. I think people in future still need no-human friends like dogs, cats, fishes. Also animals for food (someone think organic better). 2 - result of random events when ship prepareted to start. Mosquitos, fly, bees and etc. 4 - alien. I think, if planet can take on humans, she can have animals before they will come. Not every time, not in every planet, but still have chance. And 2 questions: 1) Do u think about this in game? 2) And, if (1) - yes, can u add (mb at less time before release) in game?
  9. An interesting idea came to me when I was considering how trading would take place and I was wondering if it would possible for player scripted NPCs would be possible. the Initial idea was as storefronts for player made items but you could expand that in some interesting ways such as quest givers or even lore NPCs to populate your structures.
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