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Found 4 results

  1. My submission for Novawrimo 2017 Authors Note: Beware, i have taken a liberal approach with punctuation by using it to set tempo/pace for how you read certain events. It's also written from a third perspective as if filming a movie. Pic below is just inspiration in hindsight to match the picture in my mind Hope it will entertain some of you! Novawrimo 2017 - Black and Teal by Zamaro.pdf
  2. Bastille This short story (around 5000 words) is set on Earth before the technology required for the Arkships (and more) were entirely completed. This story does not include any DU organisations nor does it reference any arbitrarily named gaming organisations outside of DU. Enjoy. ---------First paragraph snippet--------- I am a broken man. At least that is what the shrinks say. They say I’m too broken to continue in the Centauri Special Forces. But if one of the powerful nation states pays for your training, they own you. So that’s how I became stuck as a Tester, a guinea pig, for Centauri scientists. On the bright side, they gave me a place to stay, even if it is a single room apartment that you couldn’t swing a proverbial cat in. Centauri also provides a seemingly unlimited cereal molded into multicolored letters of the alphabet. Today, the cereal spells out “freedom” which quickly sinks away and then spells “dominated”. I stare at the word knowing if I blink it will instantly rearrange itself into the usual random jumble of letters. For taunting me, I teach it a lesson by biting into another mouthful. It might look colourful, but it tastes like week old sweaty socks. ------------------------------------------------------- Novawrimo 2017 - Bastille by Kurock.pdf Novawrimo2017 - Bastille by Kurock.docx
  3. Short stories are not my strong suit, but here is my story for Novawrimo. In an attempt to contribute to Dual Universe role the story proposes an in universe reason for the design of arkships (as seen in visuals I could find by the end of 2017), while facing some philosophical-/moral questions. I'm not native English speaker, but have written quite a bit in English and try to get better at it. Constructive criticism of the language is welcomed as well as of the story. . . Right to Exist.docx Right to Exist.pdf . edit: unfortunately the forum apparently requires me to have also word doc. attached here to include it in message as required by contests rules and the forum decided to count both files together towards the 500kb limit, even when I tried to have them in separate posts. For this reason I had to remove lot of formating/ separate font I used to highlight some things and make the text more readable, essentially all but raw text, in order to fit both files within the limit.
  4. I figured I might as well try my hand at writing something interesting. I've been wanting to see some more fiction on the gaps and vagueness in the lore, so I decided to write some myself to maybe inspire others to do the same. This story is my attempt at what may have happened to contribute to the era of peace that began around the year 2400, specifically in regards to the Nihilist movement. I didn't put much detail into organizational structure of the Nihilists or the UEF so that this story could fit in without providing any inconsistencies that may come from future stories. Change on this scale is never a one person deal so if you like the story consider expanding on it from different people's perspectives. If you don't like it, give me feedback and/or write a better one! (Seriously, I like reading these stories so give me more) That's my spiel, thanks for checking it out. Day of Optimism.pdf Day of Optimism.docx
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