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Found 7 results

  1. For the moment, the district market 6 is the most active one, making this place a black hole for low configs, and generally a bad shopping experience for a lot of players. I don't think regional trading would be a thing when keeping different district markets so close together. Unifying all of the disctricts markets by having a single hub accessible from the 10 current places would spread parked ships across them, it would allow all players to have a decent experience when shopping. The only advantage I can think of for the current setup is for ads, having only one place to cover is easier than 10. I'm not a trader so if you see some pros for keeping them as is, share it.
  2. In my opinion, prioritizing piloting should be the top priority focus of the dev team at this point. The lag I get when trying to go to the market, or even just land at my base, is just unreal. It's by far the biggest pain point I'm having with the game. For example, the reason I'm posting, I was frozen during my Alioth D7 Market landing for about 8 minutes (yes, EIGHT), before, once again, crashing my ship (...again). Now, because the game doesn't actually tell my why it's frozen for eight minutes (trees? mining holes? constructs? something completely different?), I don't actually know what's in place already. Here are some ideas: Pilot Priority Mode A setting that toggles a wire-framed world while piloting or similar, like simply not rendering things that don't affect my flight or convex hull (only) other-player constructs while piloting or a mix of the above Quick Fixes (Temporary issue patch ideas) Zero Damage Lag Detection If the game detects lag that occurs shortly before landing, no damage to ship... Free Landings Built-in auto-land to markets and owned constructs Within some distance (2km?) - A loading screen would be fine (I don't need to see you auto-land my ship) Reduce the necessity for market travel There might be a stark reason this isn't already in place, but what if a planet's markets were linked? Call it item teleportation (fancy!), allowing us to buy and sell any item on that planet's market. Thanks for reading. I've been playing about a month, and I'm hooked. The game is amazing, and I plan to keep renewing my subscription. But, please, PLEASE, could you do something about this piloting lag?
  3. Just wanted to tell the story of how I almost lost my ship because of lag. So I was flying around Alioth, doing some sightseeing - seeing what interesting creations other players have built. While maneuvering my ship near the market districts I encountered lag and my screen froze, as per usual. By the time I was able to control my ship I was heading toward the ground way too fast. I tried to pull up but I wasn't in time. I found myself looking at a loading screen and the notification that I died and the core unit of my ship was destroyed. I respawned in my base about 20 km from the crash site. I figured I could find some way to salvage my ship, but I had doubts (I had come back from a long hiatus.) I decided to move by foot to the crash site to investigate my ship. After a 20 km run I saw that I could replace the core unit to make my construct like brand new. Also, Market 2 was only 2 km nearby so I could run there buy a replacement core. I did the necessary repairs and afterward breathed a sigh of relief. My ship escaped from the claws of oblivion yet again! tl;dr: Crashed my ship due to lag but was able to salvage and fix it after a bit of a detour, thankfully.
  4. So from my experience so for with the markets has not been great. You can easily try to spend 10-15 min trying to find a location with a good price due to the massive list of markets available. Then once you do find a location you realize that it is a very heavily populated area and start lagging on approach. If you are unlucky you have your entire ship wrecked and have to spend resources to fix it. The point is that there is no way around the really populated markets as that is the best place to buy/sell. This is one of the issues I see is that this is not scalable nor are there any mechanics to avoid the extremely laggy markets. There are also a lot of markets on the planet that aren't even being used at the moment. I am not particularly surprised when we already have 140 of them in the current system. Once the new systems start coming online we could potentially have double the current market count. All of that makes markets not player friendly so many avoid it if they can to just do it themselves. ====Change Proposal==== Unify the markets on the planet so they act as one large one which can be accessed by multiple terminals (aka the current Marketplaces). When you select "set destination" on the planetary network it will set the destination to the terminal that is closest to current position. Simplifies the markets enough that it is more player friendly Allows players to redirect to less populated markets to avoid lag Still allows trading between planets Simplifies the management of trade boxes Increased scalability when introducing new system/planets ====Additional Note==== Once the markets are unified across the planet it would be easy to interduce player controlled Market Terminals. They would be directly connected to the Planet's Market Network and would not have local storage. This will prevent the possibility of item theft. Secondly the user/org controlling the market terminal will get the fees for other players using it along with being able to adjust the rates.
  5. Hey all! I recently subscribed and started playing the game. But the game has been almost un-playable for me due to the low FPS (5-15 FPS) When at the hub my FPS sits around 5-10 FPS. With a lot of the time bringing me down to 1-3 FPS. While getting 15-25 FPS when out in the wild. I have all settings set to low and even changed it from auto to manual and bringing my graphics down to 1. Here is my specs. I7-4770 GTX 1080 16GB DDR3 Game is running on an SSD with 100GB free left on the SSD. I see a lot of other people are having issues too, but a lot of people are doing fine. For example my friend with the same rig, but with a 1060 is always sitting at around 25 FPS at the hub and 60 FPS in the wild.
  6. So we have seen the planned system of having the game sub-divide a region of space based on the number of players, and this makes a lot of sense for planets and space stations, but how would this work for moving ships with large numbers of people on them? What happens if a ship gets sub-divided into multiple regions? We know the regions update slower with each other, so I imagine this could pose problems with a ship that is trying to maneuver. I'm not sure what the cut-off point is for the server to sub-divide a region of space, but I'm just going to pick and arbitrary number here for the sake of argument that the system will try to keep around 100 players per server region. It's more than reasonable that there could be ships that have more than 100 people on them, especially a year or two post-launch. Imagine a large Capital ship: the ship is going to need a crew of people to fly it, people to make emergency repairs during combat and probably a team of people to repel boarders and run the guns. And if the ship is carrying fighters then those ships will have pilots and maintenance crews, plus people to move cargo around. Add in an infantry group or non-combat personnel and the ship could easily get over 100 people. So how would the ship function if it was running on two separate machines in the server cluster?
  7. Hello all If I understand right all Players worldwide will Play on one Server? How it will be handled lag, disconnect or Frame slumps if thousands of Players meet at one and the same place and start to trade or fight ? It will be a massive overload of the Server or it give´s a Limit for players? Thank you. LG Allude
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