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Found 7 results

  1. Just curious, From release, there is going to be an incredibly competitive market, which will inevitably create a huge demand for service providers. What types of job titles are people thinking of claiming in-game? What kinds of services are people thinking of providing? What would you call it for marketing purposes? Have you pre-established any rates of compensation for your work? Are they in relation to any other game/job outside Dual Universe? Do you have any marketing techniques planned to grow your business? Dual Universe seems to provide some cool opportunities for people with skills and education gained in real life. Do your chosen in-game professions relate to any skills/job titles you have outside the game? (3d modeling, logistics, architects, programmers, etc..) Do your skills outside DU give you a step up in-game? Do you think your expertise will play a part in your in-game status? Do you plan on profitting from your talents, or working on your own masterpiece? If you were going to make a list of in-game professional titles, based off of all available information, what would it contain?
  2. Hi all. I was thinking that we should have a thread made for people who are looking to hire players and for people looking for work. There might already be one, but I haven't seen it so this might be redundant IDK, but here we go. How this works is this, if you are looking to hire, fill out this form and then post it on the thread: Company: Speciality/Industry: Job(s) open: End Message (Tell them about yourself, why you should join) If you are looking for a job, fill this in: Name: Job: Speciality/What you say you are good at: Special/Additional Info and end Message: Please fill these out to make the process easier and more streamlined. Hope this helps, -Caesares
  3. Why hello there! You may not have heard too much from the DUA in recent days, but we've been striving to create more content around you, our primary focus. Not too mention we've been giggly like a bunch of school girls during the very publicly announced pre-alpha tests. Our members are growing ever bolder in their endeavours of researching new designs, training a strong military force, or just talking with others in the community via the forums or Discord. On that note, I'd like to introduce the recruiting part of this! ~ UNITI AEDIFICAMUS ~ It is within you, the strength of the DUA. Power comes in many different forms: from helping everyone out, to forming unshakable bonds, and to create the very machines thousands will use to explore the universe. In this organization, we not only make room for all but foster the means to unlock your greatest potential. Alone can be good, but together we can accomplish anything. Please do check out our DU community page at: https://community.dualthegame.com/organization/dua-diverse-unified-accord#tab-description Get to know us even better thru our Discord: http://discord.duafaction.com/ Or just scroll down our Twitter feed, the choice is yours! https://twitter.com/DUA_Faction (PS - I can even try to throw in a cool name tag for when the forums have signatures again, represent!)
  4. Lost in space? Got no fuel? Ship's broken down? Who you gonna call? The Terran Union Emergency Services! If you're ever stranded and seek immediate assistance, hit the "distress beacon" button on our website: http://dual-emergency.weebly.com/ The Terran Union Emergency Services is an effective team of well trained, well respected and well paid employees who travel the cosmos rescuing stranded pilots and crews, and we want YOU to be one of them. Many positions are available, ranging from response team to dispatch command to senior staff. For more information, visit our website or join our discord: https://discord.gg/zBVgpu If you have any questions, feel free to ask below!
  5. Greetings, Caesares Bank is currently recruiting. We are looking for smart, intelligent people for the following positions: Accountants Financial Specialists Branding/Editing Officers Designers The following are high maintenance, hard to get into jobs: Head of Finance Head of Vaults and Storage Head of Exchanges If you wish to apply, message me, say what job you want, and why you would be good at it. Your application will be processed, we may ask a few questions, and then we will make our decision.
  6. I was reading another thread about what will be around the vicinity of the Arkship after people/organizations have started to develop the area. It got me thinking... Will there be a system that allows for semi-complex services/jobs to be run by players/organizations? For instance, will a group of players be able to set up a 'shuttle service'. A place players can go to for a cheap ride to whatever city they want. How would this look like in Dual Universe? With the limited knowledge I know about the rights management system, I think it would look something like this: My questions in italics are not meant to be questions I want answers to. I'm simply thinking out loud and trying to create/promote discussion. That being said, if the devs care to chime in, that would be great Location/Operations First, the players would need to find a suitable location. Obviously, close to the Arkship would be great for business. Catch all the new-comers looking to pack up and find a place to call home. A few instances I could think of for the player's pursuit of land: The players were lucky. They were able to secure a nice tract of land and have secured the right to build on it. They erect a small shuttle-port at first. Over time demand increases. They expand, building more landing pads and loading zones. They realize that there money is better invested in building a massive shuttle-port. They use the rights management system to allow certain individuals/organizations to land in their shuttle-port, charging them a fee for their use. They decide more shuttle-ports are needed elsewhere. Thus begins rise of Lucky Shuttle Brothers, LLC. Or maybe the players decide to operate the business for their own. They take on a few more 'employees', using the rights management system to grant access to their shuttle-port. The pilots are free to work when they want, if there is demand (scheduled or first-come-first serve). The organization charges a fee for service based on your destination. The exchange is handled via a 'contract' window, where the rights to ride the ship are assigned. Also, the exchange of funds is guaranteed upon performance (however that will work). Or maybe they weren't so lucky. Instead, the spot of land they want to use is owned by some schmuck who won't sell. Instead, he wants to charge you to build on it. Or wants to partner up with you. To what extent will NQ provide the necessary tools to operate a business like this? Or, will they leave it up to the players and simply provide a trade window, requiring the parties to promise one another they'll do what they say? Advertising How are other players going to know about the service? Surely word will spread, but that's not enough to build a business. Will the game provide a way to disseminate information about what's going on the planet(s) around them? Will that be done in-game, or out of the game? NQ doesn't have a daily/weekly newspaper done by the devs. The players need to create the content. Well...fine! A player decides to create a weekly email to whomever wants it. It will include all the latest news and information about what's been going on the past week. But yeah right if she's doing that for free. She charges Lucky Shuttle Brothers, LLC for their advertisement, among countless other businesses. At first it's through the in-game email system, but eventually NQ implement a media comms that select organizations have access to post on. They only receive 1 post a week/day, or some limit. The planetary news starts to cover other planets. 'Reporters' are hired to gather information for the weekly post. In addition to media comms, business can rent advertising space on the side of a player's building. The rights to post are handled through the rights management system--charging the customer a few credits per day. Conclusion I quickly realized how important the rights management system is. But also, it's important that NQ provides the players the means to create these things! These systems are not simple, either. Think of the amount of 'contracts' people will be entering in to! It needs to be a robust system. I look back at Star Wars Galaxies and think about the player made content. The players that invested in harvesting resources, selling them to doctors to make enhancements, doctors selling the buffs to players out in major cities. Or the resources purchased for weaponcrafting and armorsmithing. The need for players to have vendors in buildings that turned into cities. All because of a few back-end systems that handled making these features available. Well--sorry for the long post. I was just dreaming what this game can be, down the road. If done right. What ideas do you have? Is there anything you think they need to implement?
  7. This is gonna be a long one probably so be ready. What if you could create an entire city or even bigger? Let's say you build yourself a nice guy in the middle of nowhere. A few days later someone stumbles upon it. They ask to stay the night and you accept. They say they want to live there but would need their own house. You build them a house and they begin spreading word. More people show up and you make more houses for them. You eventually grow into a small town with a marketplace and essential needs. Diverse people with different talents and abilities start working to let the town provide for itself. You slowly grow into a city with hundreds of people working their way to the top. You eventually grow large enough and make a safe town hall decked with guards and technology of security. You choose if your land is capitalistic communist etc. Hitmen begin showing giving needs for cops and other protective services. You control the laws of the land and immigration. Factories run and all is good or bad in your land, depending on how you run it. This was just a small idea I came up with while talking to my friend. She gave me the courage to actually write this as a suggestion so credit to her for that. Thanks for reading.
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