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Found 5 results

  1. Ok, so finished products weigh less than materials, so that is one good reason why it makes sense to build in situ, which however makes hauling all the more important. For example if you had a secondary territory with decent T1 concentration, you would spend less fuel hauling locally-made Frames, to your main base, than hauling the raw ore to build them at main base. Coz the equivalent ore to build them weighs a lot more than the Frames. But player driven hauling market has always been hampered by collateral. Regardless of how generous you would be in rewarding a haul, if the haul involves 100 million quanta worth of product, you would need 100 mil quanta collateral from the hauler to make sure he doesn't keep it for himself, or just deny you of it regardless if he can use it (for those extra-evil inclined or even truthfully accidents do happen) Now a haul that takes 15 mins and rewards even 10mil, which is a good price (just making up numbers here), always seems not as great if you have to put up 100mil to earn the 10mil. It means new players, that might have the capability but not the cash, won't be able come up through the game, using such emergent-pve/mission stuff. Coz nobody has 100mil that early on. Which means more work for game designers, to make sure newbs earn some other way, i.e pre-worked/designed missions/ content. So what if there was a way to disengage collateral, so that it doesn't matter, it's not needed, while still, making it believable in how it's done? I.e. not lose from immersion. Enter quantum entanglement, which is, after all, accepted science "fiction" So the idea is, that spooky action at a distance basically instantly connects stuff that are far away. But you have to get them there to start with, both from the source. Therethree: instead of hauling actual cargo, the cargo is quantum entangled. It stays as it is, and also makes a pair. 'Alice' which stays at the source, and 'Bob' which is getting hauled. We don't eliminate the need for hauling mass/volume, Alice and Bob weigh and take up the same space as the actual cargo would. Once Bob arrives at the destination, we now have our entangled pair at a distance and then apply the actual cargo to it, so that it disappears from source and appears at destination. This is done by the owner and only the owner, once Bob is delivered. Therefour: if hauler runs away or loses Bob in transit, the cargo is still safe at source. Alice doesn't get used by the owner to insta-transfer the cargo. Therefive: Collateral becomes a matter of taste/ preference - can be associated with the cost of making Alice and Bob, but is no longer needed to insure against loss of goods. (It gets disentangled from the hauling process by using quantum entanglement ) Theresix : Game developers are happy coz they don't have to make up that much more made-up content for players to earn money. Thereseven: players are happy, coz even if you lose it all, you can always get back on the saddle quickly coz u no longer need to have collateral to earn from hauls. In terms of game mechanics we already have things like packages (not sure only done the two tutorial missions of hauling and they didn't have any) so there is not much tweeking needed. A 'package' becomes a quantised state. Let's not call it a 'quackage', maybe a questate, whatever. [ You can call it a quackage if you like, after all, a ducks call is kinda unique in the sense that it's resilient to echoes, practically gave rise to the myth that "a ducks call does not echo", so this lends to the unique pairing idea] Cargo remains at source. Owner creates the two quackages, Alice and Bob. Alice is 'tied' to cargo. Bob is 'tied' to Alice. Then, once contractor is happy Bob has arrived at destination by contractee/hauler, the owner activates Alice. Alice connects with Bob and cargo connected to Alice instantly gets transferred to Bob's location, in place of Bob. So in terms of storage we do need the extra stuff, albeit temporary, but we do need it. If you want to move 100 tons you need to be able to store another 200 tons, coz to start with you create Alice and Bob which are quantised states which look feel taste etc i.e. weigh and take up as much space as the offending erhmm desired to be hauled cargo. Thereeight: The end of the beginning:) Go forth and prosper! Disclaimer: Although this particular eyed deer is mine, all mine, my precious, if anyone wants to use it in this game or another, as is, in part, or modified, you can do so with no requirement of credit or recognition for me myself and I, therenine, this idea is herewith not mine anymore. WTCOOO
  2. Alien core can be a good feature... If only players really need to fight for them, let me show you what we will really have 99% of the time: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/1480246940 (No sound because of comms, sorry) Why defend a station is a waste of ressources and time? - Shields are too low, we can't wait for our ennemies before moving - So we will need to travel 300SU+ or warp our entire fleet each time we have to defend, even for nothing - Ship aren't protected when dock on a station with a shield (??) - This can help ppl with lot of job/kids or else to setup their ship when they can - If we take at least 2 core we have to defend an alien core each day - If we want to attack, we add another timer where we need to be, again it can be each day - Why we don't have a combat free timer after we win a defense? With your wipe talk without ANY DECISION, with your patch against any PVP mechanic or method, a big nocare about some of the oldest bugs known in DU... We don't have any other content outside of alien core in PVP now. We send plenty of idea/feedback for a better PVP or more confortable, we tryhard each PTS for help, report each bug/exploit find even if that lead to another nerf of our content How can we keep our players hype for Dual Universe? Why NQ stay so quiet? (Entropy did a nice feedback but only around voxels and shields for PVP but some other part are missed) Our ennemies got the same problem, maybe more because we are really lucky to have so many ppl still active on DU. Don't kill your game, listen us, don't stay focus on your ideas if everyone say it's not the good way and talk with your community.
  3. I'm failing to recall any updates that actually made me excited like I was during the early alpha days. Is the game just about nerfs at this point? Do we have anything to look forward to on the roadmap? Is there a secret roadmap?
  4. " While I'll be taking a break from writing lore, I have decided to employ what tiny spare time I have left on something else. We've seen a lot of organisations spring up in the last few months and a lot of them are in need of a good logo, signature, banner and perhaps some text to give the organisation in question some solid footing. This is something I'll be doing personally: sans Aether, TRANCE, or Outpost Zebra. What does the Premium Content Pack contain? A tailored Photoshop logo for your organisation - mostly created from scratch. It will be unique and I assure you, you won't find it anywhere else on the internet. A signature image. All the cool organisations have it (mine included), why not yours? A profile image (mostly a combination of the logo or something else within my power). Some organisation leaders love their organisations so much, they take it upon themselves to carry the face of the organisation everywhere. Besides, it is a perfect idea for an army of identical alts. A banner or an Ad artwork. A few organisations have websites of their own and we all know every organisation with a website has a banner that goes along with it. So, if you are in need of a 1024px or greater banner, that's included as well. Some background lore text. I love writing and I couldn't resist the temptation to include this in here. Granted: I will not be writing a book for your organisation. Rather, it is some text of your choosing and setting that gives your organisation a lot more life than a basic description and a picture. No great nation is without a history. You get five different items in a single pack and all of them are tailored to your demands. Sounds good, no? Talk to me via DM, or leave a request below and I'll get back to you. I have a busy schedule, but if there's the need to make time, I have my ways. Cheers. P.S. Kindly note that I am not competing with anyone to make logos. It's an idea I had a few weeks back but, lacked the right opportunity to make a solid offer. If you do make logos or work with Photoshop and you'd like us to work together, I'm more than open to collaboration. I've made logos for other organisations and most of the Aether artworks are products of my spare time and Photoshop skill. I'll be doing some more Photoshop works for the Aether and I think this a perfect opportunity to do more with less time. "
  5. Being that this game is entirely open world(universe) during the alpha and beta phases many changes will be made to the galaxy as the players with access to them will begin to mold and alter the universe. When the Alpha is finished will all the changes be wiped before beta release and then the same again when the full game launches? Or will it give you an early advantage in the galaxy to start as soon as possible with the Alpha?
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