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Found 5 results

  1. Could it please be made such that a tile colored for informational reasons in the map can have that color altered or its transparency/intensity changed. As is those of us with poor vision have been having a harder and harder time telling when a hex is highlighted for any reason (seriously folks, almost totally transparent yellow is the wrong color for anything, I need to play with the graphical settings so much as to make it near impossible to see anything outside the map just to see it at all). Alternatively could we get an optional toggle-able setting in the map that hides the terrain features and just shows the hex-lines and other markers over a featureless black sphere? it would make it a lot easier to see things.
  2. voxel tool: Add differents color's icon in function of type of tool Exemples: Blue = Engineer tools, Green = explorer tools, Yellow = Builder tools,
  3. Alluysl

    RGB lights

    So if data links can carry non-binary information (which I think they can, for screens for example), why not having a light with three inputs for 8-bit values (integers between 0 and 255), one for red, one for green and one for blue? We could have the lighting changing depending on the situation, for example red if the base is attacked or green the day and blue the night (light detectors btw?)
  4. Space suit Will we be able to customize our space suits to what we want? Will we be able to have our organizations logo on our suit and ship? Will there be colored blocks
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