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Found 7 results

  1. Voice chat would be awesome, even if I won't use it as much as text chat.
  2. Being in two Orgs, and having a few private chats the current chat system needs work. it would be a lot better if multiple chat windows could be opened, detached from the bottom left so they could be scaled and placed where convenient. Even better completely detached from the main window so they could be dragged to a secondary monitor for those who have them. yes we have discord, but not everybody uses it, or wants to give out there discord ID.
  3. It would be great if we could have a sound alert for incoming messages from contacts, I miss quite a few because the red dot is always present.
  4. Sorry if it repeat theme, but I can't find something same. Core of idea - Game chat must have different properties on different distance. I think we need 4 levels of distance. 1) Close distant (0-5km) - everyone can read and send massage, and every one can read this. Massage will be send full and immediately. 2) Low distance (5km - planetary system) - Massage can send only from ship, but player can read when out of ship. Massage will be send full and immediately. 3) Medium distance (star system) - Massage can be send and read only from ship. Massage will be send full and immediately. 4) High distance (between star systems) - Massage can be send and read only from ship. Massage will be send with "lags" (ex.: 1 light year - 1-3 sec) and can be randomly damaged (short massage have more resistance for this, but if it damage u have chance for fully unreadable massage, long massage have lower resistance for damaged, but more word can stay normal). It must work with public and private massage (except mail - it must have very low speed, but it will be invulnerable for damaging).
  5. Majestic

    Anti- Spam

    Whatever communication method is used, please for the love of Ice Cream put in some kind of spam block function from the word go, one that preferably is editable so you can block phrases, words, account age etc. This is always left out in games releases.
  6. Here's an idea: there should be an in game email system that allows you to send private messages to other players. This means that if you want to strike a deal with a player that isn't currently online, you can send them a message that they can read the next time they do come online.
  7. Radio frequency channels should be a thing for walkie-talkies, personal radios and ships to get information to your group, and should be set using something like a 4 digit code, so you can just set your group's radio sets to the same code and be able to communicate across distances depending on how much power goes into your radio broadcaster. There could also be radio jammers (force your code to all zeroes and just have that channel always be static) or able to force it onto whatever channel you wanted within a certain distance so that incoming ships or lone explorers can communicate with your tower before they get gunned down by a corporation/nation.
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