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Found 6 results

  1. So I'm weird and actually prefer 1st person view when driving my constructs, though I know most people prefer 3rd view, hence the recent change. Rather than have one group constantly having to push insert to get to their view every time, I propose having a Settings Option, perhaps under controls, that allows us to choose our Default Piloting View/Camera for flying constructs.
  2. Just wanted to see what your camera preference is in vehicles. I personally use First Person even though I'm more of a third person guy. I like default settings and am too lazy to change them, I guess....
  3. Have the Devs spoke about any updates about better camera controls?
  4. Hello. This idea is that when a clan wants to be known he can make propaganda video, presentation video, IN THE GAME is not in the official site for not that a player facing the round trip (shortened roughly) but not that the clans could do it the independent player, alone, for journalist or kinds of youtubeurs of dual universe. In fact it is added cameras of filming. Sincerely supermasternico. This is my last post until December 14th.
  5. (Hello I post this to correct the small errors of Google translation of my old post) Hello. This idea is that when a clan wants to be known it can make propaganda video, video presentation, IN THE GAME on giant screens in cities is not necessarily on the site of the clan or other for not a player facing the go back game site (a whittling down) but not that the clans could have cameras the players, the journalist, the adventurer who share their adventure, like there would be different cameras like one that an improved zoom, surveillance cameras , infrared camera and many other things. Sincerely supermasternico. This is my last post until December 14th.
  6. Hello NQ Devs and Alpha enthusiasts! I have a few questions regarding game-play movement and control schemata. 1.) Is DU being developed from a "PC is King" perspective so that support for peripherals and technologies e.g., HOTAS, K+M, game-pads, VR (RIFT, VIVE etc.), positional tracking, multiple monitors, 4k, etc. are intended? 2.) Will camera controls include multiple angles, distances, etc. including 1st and 3rd person perspectives. 3.) Will multicrew ship systems have functionalities beyond "turret" or generic crew states? 4.) Can you please "PIN" or "sticky" devblog posts as this section will surely gain many new threads and searching for more "info" is here to stay. Cheers!
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