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  1. "Whereas currently the Flatten Tool removes all greenery, and whereas there currently does not exist a way to create more greenery, and whereas the Flatten Tool currently lacks an Alt function, let it be resolved that the developers add a greenery Alt function to the Flatten Tool." Petition speak out of the way, I think having the Flatten Tool have an Alt function where you hold Alt and greenery grows according to the type of soil you're growing on would be awesome. Maybe have it be that the longer you hold it, the taller/larger the overgrowth that gets generated? Like on forest soil it could start out as clover, then grass, then ferns and bushes, then a sapling, then a large tree, but on Soil it could be grass, small rock, medium boulder, large boulder? And if there's two soils in the area, it could be a weighted generation algorythm based off of the percentage of the scan space as to which of the two soil types' greenery generation it would use. I.e. There's 80% Forest soil and 20% Soil in the scan area, so you would most likely get a tree, but there's a 20% chance you could get a boulder instead. I should also, just for thoroughness sake, mention that the greenery would grow on whatever shaped terrain it was centered on and wouldn't change the shape of the soil in anyway, just place greenery on top of the existing topography.
  2. So I'm weird and actually prefer 1st person view when driving my constructs, though I know most people prefer 3rd view, hence the recent change. Rather than have one group constantly having to push insert to get to their view every time, I propose having a Settings Option, perhaps under controls, that allows us to choose our Default Piloting View/Camera for flying constructs.
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