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Found 8 results

  1. I know that NPCs are not a new concept discussed around here, but I was thinking about some ideas in which they could be used: Enemies: This one is self-explanatory. But they do not have to be advanced "aliens" (to avoid the "evil alien" trope), they could just be hostile wildlife or machines. Good for the PVE aspect. Pets: Again, self-explanatory. Common aspect of MMOs. I believe that this was already promised anyway. Allies: Recruit an NPC ally to assist you in battle, to guard an area, or even help you in something like building! Non-dangerous
  2. When the game was first pushed out to the public, it was everything that No Man's Sky wasn't and more. However, with how is the game has been developing over the course of 2020 the picture of DU that was painted is completely opposite from the reality of the game in it's current state. As a result, those who've walked away from the game are either gone due to overwhelming burnout, resentment from disappointment, or are simply waiting for Novaquark to get this game back on track. While this game provides "Unprecedented Freedom" (per the latest youtube commercial) the path
  3. Adventuring in Dual Universe The forrest.... I love this place. And yet there is no reason for me to be here. I went here today looking for idea's and inspiration. It's a really nice place. Just to stand still, look around and listen. Everyone is in a hurry to gather resources as quickly as possible and amass fast amounts of quanta to become the best industry mogul or richest person in this universe. I've been there already. I've seen the numbers go up in many other games and it can work very well, to get people addicted. It's what many mobile games do. But it's not really what you
  4. I do understand you want this game to be player run but what if Corporations/Players could be in-charge of there own NPC's. Like a Robot/Drone/Clone army that could be destroyed by opposing players for resources that they hold or contain. The NPC's could only act as scripted by players and more complicated commands would need a player to tell the army or just one NPC what to do.
  5. NPC enemies would give players more stuff to do but I don't think they are necessary. I actually think this game is a breath of fresh air because it doesn't rely on you defeating hundreds of enemies....
  6. STeelGear


    Ok, long time ago from our time, colonists... and... creatures? Yeah, rly, will be some kind of creatures in game? I mean some types how: mammals, insects, fish, alien. 1 and 3 - result of colonists work. I think people in future still need no-human friends like dogs, cats, fishes. Also animals for food (someone think organic better). 2 - result of random events when ship prepareted to start. Mosquitos, fly, bees and etc. 4 - alien. I think, if planet can take on humans, she can have animals before they will come. Not every time, not in every planet, but still have chance. And 2 ques
  7. I am an early adopters like many people here. I would like to share with you the following idea. I think it has sense to have a world populated by NPC and governed by players. The player role would be not only create starships, cities and so on, but command NPC characters into various activities. NPCs at grinding Grinding is the first thing that comes to mind, instead of grinding themselves, players would provide their loyal NPCs with the tools and instructions, and follow their progress. This seems personally much more challenging and stimulating to me than grinding myself as
  8. An interesting idea came to me when I was considering how trading would take place and I was wondering if it would possible for player scripted NPCs would be possible. the Initial idea was as storefronts for player made items but you could expand that in some interesting ways such as quest givers or even lore NPCs to populate your structures.
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