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  2. It's not so advanced or hard, you just procedurally generate initial position and then you modify that position accordingly to passed time. As long as player is in system, you are modifying position (moving) of object with required precision.
  3. Hi, I would like to ask one important question for me. Because stellar systems, planets and the whole universe will be procedurally generated, is there any chance that stellar bodies will move throughout systems on stable orbits? Planets actualy orbiting stars, moons orbiting planets. I can imagine possibility, that position of each object in stellar system is dependent on realworld time. It doesn´t have to be realtime precision, but minute or even hour precision will be great. Only by adding one more parameter in generating function and few position actualization across day if necessary.
  4. Good God please, no replicators, if someone would manage to do that, I think, that could be The End of the game, real Doomsday in virual world Unless enough players unite and wipeout such an infection. But real war against Replicator swarm... Mmm Player made content in the purest form
  5. That economy point is good and with mention of start of the game is very good, I like it, can´t tell anything against that. So no multiboxing, but the whole history of game, or at begining (few months) or before game enviroment wil stabilize and then set it green? I know it will be probably strange, but why not (this is only for that economy point)? About that need of more players against one to have chance if that one is multiboxing, that doesn´t have to be always true, even one singleboxing player could have chance and become unwelcome surprise against more players, more ships doesn´t always mean more power even equaly sized. But what was said about economy is point against multiboxing, at least from the begining of game
  6. yes he went unpunished, because he choose targets easy to destroy, not because he was managing four accounts at one time, the only diference is, that he could himself attack bigger prey. Other people can also get in group, actualy now I´m part of 20 men fleet and counting up, preparing for bigger PvP and noone is multiboxing, because it´s inefficient. Point about not being able to multiboxing because of money (p2w) or less powerfull computer (also another form of p2w) is right, but only if you cold multibox equaly efficient with 1, 2, 5 or even 10 accounts, but you couldn´t, we are just human, two people with with one account each will be always better then one man with two accounts. Will it be unfair? In this case it will be even worse for multiboxer, because he is risking twice as each of those players. But in case of one single account player vs one dualbox (multibox) player, it will be unfair, but what about one player vs two players? That will be unfair too? Yes it will, but it´s ok, because they are two players against one? The difference is, that one player is paying two accounts vs two players are paying one acc each. But that one player can´t manage both acc equaly effective where on other hand those two players could, so this is the reason why I think, that multiboxing isn´t so big problem. Now I feel a little tangled, so I hope it makes sense
  7. ok, i have to clarified this a little bit, I died, because I staied where I was, I knew he is comming for me and I probably wouldn´t survive, but we want fight so i sacrificed my self, my friend died because he warp in too early only to hold enemy ship in place and our logistic ships can´t rescue him, thats how it works in our part of EVE and he never lost, because he choses his target carefully to minimize possibility of lost, because he knew that what he is doing is hard, that day was just his bad day
  8. Hello guys, i have to say something about unfair advantage in single vs multiboxing player. I´m playing EVE online roughly 2 years, now regularly, some months ago i´ve play a lot. I was in two situation as single against multiboxer. Once I was attacked by dualboxer when making some money in game in cheap basic battlecruiser, he had scout in basic expensive ship and attacking in bomber in advanced expensive ship. The fact is, that both were smaller than mine, but prepared for hunt, but mine was fitted for dumb npc with litle hope, that someone from my corporation will eventualy help me. At first point, it looks that I´m dead, and I´m sure, that if he push me a litle bit more he got me, but he didn´t. He hold me, I can´t warp out. I hold his bomber, he can´t warp him out. I´ve got damage from npc, bomber and his scout, slowly dying. I have to overhead nearly everything and finaly he decide it´s too risky to finish me, so only thing he could do, was warp out his scout and let his bomber die. And the second time, again making money, but in expensive advanced cruiser. I was attacked by multiboxer, he had same class cruiser and three basic battleships. This time I know that he will attack me, because I´ve seen his cruiser on scan, so I alarm my corp mates and backup fleet was assembled and waiting for my call. From that moment i was baiting. He take it and attacked me, catch me and I catched his cruiser, then his battleships arrive, fleet start rescue/attack mission. My cruiser and one same class of my corp mate were destroied, but even multiboxers cruiser and two battleships were destroied, in his blog he was also saying, that he was for short time attacking his own ship. The losses were nearly equal on both sides, but he was doing this for some time and newer lost his ships, but this time he didn´t listen his own precautions and we were the first players who cuts his lossless path. The conclusion from my point of view? Multiboxing in PvP could give you some advantages, but at cost of splitting your attention between more characters, even when you will be playing on several screens. Perhaps only women could fully utilize this advantage And last point about multiboxing in PvP. When PvP time come in our corporation, the dualboxing (multiboxing isn´t even proposed) is practicaly prohibited, only when it is only one solution (few people for some fleet roles, enemy is much more stronger and we need couple more ships - honestly, in this case, we usually hide or doing deag bug or close the connection as fast as possible; I hope our diplomat isn´t reading this ), because we know that people had to focus only on one thing, to do that thing well. I have created second account in EVE 2 months ago, but I would never use them both in PvP, because I rather focus only on one thing and do it well. I hope my english isn´t full of gramar garbage, but i thing the multiboxing is little bit overestimate, yes probably immersion breaking, because you couldn´t fully personalize with character, BUT immersion problem isn´t your problem, but problem of multiboxing player. From my experience, when multiboxer attacks you, at first moment you even can´t tell if it´s multiboxer or gank of players, only afterwards from another source or from behavior when he is loosing battle. And would some of you feel better or worse when you realize that the last lost or won gank, good lost or won battle or lost or won fucking bloodbath was againts couple of players or one or few multiboxers? If you do, ok, but actual feeling when the fight is ongoing and you only think to do the best cannot be changed. Multiboxing, aka pay-to-win from others point of view, probably isn´t very fair, but it actualy could make feel game more full of life and populated. Again in EVE, joke about good estimation of how many players is actualy playing, just divide online players by two Thats all I want to say about multiboxing
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