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  1. I am not having problems starting the game, I am just having problems knowing where to start once I get into the game. I don't have access to the alpha forums yet so I don't have access to the tutorials yet.
  2. I also came from Landmark. I bought the Alpha and had to upgrade to get it to run but I am finally able to play. Unfortunately I am needing some guidance on how to play. If I could get any help I would greatly appreciate it. I built the house in the picture based on a home I found online. I wasn't able to finish it but I was able to get some screenshots before the game shutdown. I have some more of the backyard if anyone wants to message me to see them.
  3. Hello, I am new to the game and I am having a difficult time getting started. If anyone could message me with some helpful info on what to do I would greatly appreciate it.
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