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  1. level up +1 using hundred words saying nothing i want a poc /re playable pvp (space/atmo/ava) w/o cheating and punish people that try to grill other peoples hardware. untill then DU is dead to me and all i know.
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    sweet talk it was much as you guys want, but all atv folks are jointly responsible to the state as it is.
  3. absolutely nailed the current situation. i have mixed feeling about nq and the jc cult being able to score a goal if a miracle happens. i have 2 accounts with 4 beta accs each. 10 of that tiles are related to that pre alpha payment. 10:1 for me DU is bottle necked by money and just a better proof of concept in the shop. i remember me and other see this coming and got vocal about.
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    NQ worked very very hard on this. while in alpha the tone and the entire approach to its user base was different. heading into the rushed monthly pay to play beta it started to get weird. although the community was very polite and forgiving towards nq in alpha. but as i see it, they put themself into "must deliever" position and failed. these people are used to pick up every fight on discord. they are called "The Ruby Defenders of the DUniverse". just make some sarcastic statements on thier investment and u get sanctioned instandly. hint: just giving them 5-8 emote reactions (a ruby in my case) will instandly jeopardizing your talking rights in the "official" dudiscord. (i think my user right to use reaction emojis was permanently revoked in duscussion) regarding the topic: if they dont add better playloops including ava, complete revamped cvc(space/"atmo"), static vs dyn du will not become more then a niche with well below a couple of thousands or even hundred "core players" / several dozen with lifetime accounts. wowww some textures *exited* now your 1000h mining loop circle should look absolutly amazing. just for the statistics. since 2018 i read tons of constructive critizism. also gave input myself. so, talking is done. go bright or go down, du.
  5. After being here since 2018 and closely following and awaiting uptimes during weekends the answer to your question is simply "yes". there have been different days, where there was interaction with its costumers. but after their rush into the beta the bonds between the user base and the studio and its vision have drifted apart. to my humble opinion DU has reached a point beyond repair (current state). maybe the tech they developed will work, maybe not (lag and performence problems have been around all along, upto today). AVA is, lets say, "canceled" with no ETA. space pvp is a browser game in current state even territory warfare is not more than a concept. atmo pvp is going to be the same meaningless mess just with bad pilots crashing. building and voxeling is nice. industry is entirely like: farm t1 ore, sell it to the market bots ... for like 4 weeks at an 40h/week job (very like much much more) to build (get up running again) lets say a L-Container line. we are at a state of the game, where it is inevitable to do a complete server wipe, or start with a broken game in terms of the eco and player/org developement level. more over, the ATV folks spread the word ahead of 0.23(/0.22) that nq expects most of thier community to break apart due to the changes. nq has given up on its playerbase. by now, not even the server tech is worth selling anymore. it hurts, but its time to give up the 35x L-static-core base we dug out with only 3 active players and move on. hopefully nq will reconsider a revamp. lots of players, like myself, are not going to invest more time into DU untill there is clarification in what direction du is going to move: shut down, revamp, be an mmo or be a simulation. in case the path is going to be more and more a simulation, i want a refund! dont get me wrong, i not sorry for the thousands of hours i played du, but i realized its not going to be what i bought despite thier promises. much love to you guys
  6. Ye hello everyone, special greets to all of us and lets have a great time. so long b.
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