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    TheHardmanGAMING reacted to JanAubaris in AI Scripting   
    Good God please, no replicators, if someone would manage to do that, I think, that could be The End of the game, real Doomsday in virual world  Unless enough players unite and wipeout such an infection.
    But real war against Replicator swarm... Mmm Player made content in the purest form  
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    TheHardmanGAMING reacted to Stig92 in The Dyson Sphere Initiative   
    So now this community has gone from Death star (which devs called technically possible but unlikely)  to a dyson sphere. NQ you are going to need more powerful servers. 
    Oh and a Dyson swarm is more likely than fixed sphere, at least in the real world it would be. 
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    TheHardmanGAMING reacted to Vonboy in SHIP Ideas Box   
    I don't care about making sense. I just want to build a giant space station, shaped like a T-Rex, that's a casino/bar/some kind of gladiator stadium, or even a robot wars like game, where people build small drone type ships, program them in LUA, and pit them against each other.
    Or, you know, a ship shaped like a T-Rex would be cool, too.
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