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  1. 10 hours ago, Ever_green said:

    that really isnt the goal of this project. The goal is a mass unbiased transport system


    I strongly urge you to keep your routes within nuetral space and planets. With such a massive undertaking of a single ship; there will be many seeking to take what you have. Outside of protected space, will leave your ship to the mercy of any organization. This would occur because your transport routes are predefined thus are easily predicable to a mass ships in ambush. Additionally it would be most ideal to overthrow the crew with a small squad in the vastness of space where no one can quickly reach you. Without protection in mass and ready nearby, New Horizon will be seen as an easy and plentiful target of resources for hostile small/medium organizations or raiding organizations that will be directly looking at your ship for as a massive payday.


    Please take this into account for your charter throughout the universe. Building and gathering resources is slow and people are always seeking to make quick advancement. So again, I strongly urge you to coordinate with organizations in the nuetral sector for your transport charters. Otherwise this wonderful service will be, over quicker than it started.


    If you wish to discuss more, please message me and I will see what we can arrange together.

  2. 9 minutes ago, Alsan Teamaro said:

    Working then as more useful and effective tools for a good and safer interaction among people and organizations.

    Which is one of our ultimate and long term goals together. I am also impressed by the interest generated by this document. I hope more people will visit Sovereignty Integral of Tilo after reviewing it as well. Coordinating neutrality agreements between organizations will be a pivotal part in maintaining the peace throughout our new universe.

    Stay tuned everyone, once some finilizations have been made, Cerberus will be announcing another new agreement in short order. I greatly look forward to publicly sharing it, when ready. 

  3. 33 minutes ago, Odendis said:

    This took me far longer than I wanted to spend finding it, but it is something I support whole heartedly.  Sometimes you just want to try a design or a theory in the name of science.  It would allow us to also learn the physics and metrics of how the game world works and how each element interacts with it.



    More on topic, I know Space Engineers had a limited promo of being able to print your ships...but I don't know how that panned out or what the specifics of it are.  From what I gather now, it doesn't seem like they do it anymore, and it doesn't state why.


    I feel like permissions for exporting could be something baked into the blueprint itself (sell the usable one for cheap, sell the blueprintable one for a bit more).  

    Thank you for finding that, I tried for a good amount of time with no luck. I also remember seeing a screenshot of the would be creation system and a brief description. But I cannot seem to find it.  I believe it was posted back in late 2016.

    As for space engineers, blueprints can still be made in creative mode and uploaded to the steam workshop. However for servers online or a game in survival mode, a projector block has to be used in order to cast a projection of the blueprint which then can be welded into the world block by block or with a welding ship. If an admin has creative rights in a survival world, they can just paste a blueprint into the world without having to build it.

  4. 1 hour ago, Odendis said:

    My only gripe about space engineers combat is the autoturrets.  I don't mind them specifically, just what people end up doing with them, and that the only way to make a ship harder to assault is to just place more.  If they had a large placement deadzone or if you could limit the amount you can place somehow, sure; but never cover the entire ship with them like a Tiki Marine



    I also agree, there really needs more diversity in SE. However since DU uses control cubes, the devs can craft turrets designed specially for land constructs and for ships. So hopefully we will see a larger diviserity in turrets here. 

  5. 2 hours ago, Odendis said:


    As we are paying for time on the server, I would prefer there not be a jailing aspect.  or atleast one you cannot force respawn out of.  

    ie. In Ark you can tranquilize other players, and drag their body into a cage.  You can then fill their inventory with rocks so they can't walk around, and also hand cuff them so they can't pick up and eat something dangerous (like their own poop or other consumables that will eventually kill you).  You can also retranquilize them in order to force feed them water and food.  Ark's system allows people to be indefinitely detained on that specific server.

    Given how few people have spoken in favor of player persistence (in the other thead) this would not be the case in DU because a person could easily just log out or respawn.

  6. The devs have already confirmed a creative mode or seperate mode for people to build constructs separately outside of the game itself. For trying building/construct ideas and new designs without worry of using/finding resources most likely. However they did not state if the creations from the creative mode could be saved as a blueprint to be transferred into the game or if blueprints could be copied into this creative mode for testing.

  7. 4 minutes ago, Aaron Cain said:

    I agree with you @geronimo553

    If the game offers pvp on the starting planet, then by all means prepare for it. if NQ wants us all in peace for the first 3 months, let them fix it in a general peace, but not by making weapons crafts difficult on the starter planet. If we want a general peace we need to fix it ourselves, and frankly i am open for it, so any organization in favor of peace feel free to contact me :)


    I absolutely agree.

  8. 26 minutes ago, Vulcore said:

    More like an eye for an eye or blood demands blood :) If someone kills you and you lose your inventory shouldn't the murderer be punished as well?

    If the person kills someone, I think the person dying should be able to find out who kill them and then can decide what to do from there. Be that communication, placing a bounty, or seek revenge. 

  9. 15 minutes ago, Odendis said:

     I don't think Space Engineer's cryopods prevent that though, but they do make it so you can travel with the ship while logged off.


    The only way to access the person's inventory in a crypod in SE is to destroy the cryopod or kill the engineer to loot the body.

  10. 9 minutes ago, Borb_1 said:


    I think that covers it and probably covers disconnection issues too? Remember the utility of a capsule/pod increases with more crew who may be online to run the ship while you go into cold storage logging off line. If you're running a small solo ship, it's more like pitching a tent (find a big hole to hide your ship in or buzz off into the blackness of space etc. You're playing solo/survivor afterall in an E--normous space. Naturally friendly stations are a solution (any port in a storm).



    I was thinking of something similar to this as well. However I realized there was no incentive for someone to return to the cryopod over just logging out somewhere random. It would need to supply a reason to return into the cryopod before logging out. 

  11. 3 hours ago, Moosegun said:

    I hope that pvp is less about the small scale personal bullshit you see in most survival games like Rust etc.   I would like to see strong defensive options, so that once a reasonable sized org gets set up it would take an organised attack to breach their defenses.  That way it is more about the team and if individuals within the org are logged off it doesnt really matter.


    Agreed, I would like a series of automated defenses and turrets for use. I like the idea of a player operated everything. But that just becomes impractical once a player has a couple bases set up for various tasks or when fighting a larger foe. With automated defenses the single player is allowed even playing field against a larger force. Which is one thing I enjoy about space engineers because automated defenses are what keep your hard work from going away once you leave base.

    Additionally there is no reason a player could not control these automated defenses manually. With lua coding these defenses could even be grouped together to from the controls of one turret. A coder has already achieved this in space engineers and it is a very helpful script for ships because all fire can be directed at one direction.


    8 hours ago, MaltoSigma said:

    Combat logging can be prevented by a logout delay.
    And regarding persistent players, I'd like to mention, that adding things, that would make the game more tedious, will make the game, well, more tedious.

    I disagree, a logout delay only prevents the inevitable "player disappears" due to disconnecting. Also there are far more age old ways of "getting out of a fight" then just the example of combat logging I provided. With player persistence, trolling will decrease to an extent because the person is not free to disappear from their actions. Thus this would improve gameplay and experience over all for everyone. Also the player persistence in rust is a highly favored system that would work great in DU, in my opinion.

    As for additional concerns about making the game more "tedious". The player model does not need physics attached when they log out. The body can just became a 3d placeholder of a person until they log back in. In terms of straining the game, it would be no different from say placing a chair on the ground or a locker with an inventory inside. DU is already capable of adding player persistence and it would not be too difficult to implement. 

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