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  1. Why not have both. If the player makes the ships, the player can designate if it's an auto locking or manual turret. I can see auto lock turrets quite useful in a large ship that needs to defend from smaller ships. While the more manual turrets or guns can be had in smaller dog fighting type ships. On top of that, even on the big ship you can still have both types. So yeah, that shouldn't be an issue. have both types. Unless these devs are lazy and only does cut and paste programming, I would hope not.
  2. NQ can easily place a mechanic that would easily place such consequential condition on players that would serve as a troll deterrence if that is really the main concern. That is simply a P2P cop out and serves as a pay wall for those players that the OP is actually addressing which you, @Gingerdeadman6, is fully ignoring. That trial can still exist in a f2p in a sort of probationary status until a set amount of time invested then things in the game becomes more accessible. a developed game needs not just follow the rabble like a sheep because there goes the novelty of the game if they can't even develop a novel monetization model that is inherently their own.
  3. If one understands the benefits of p2p and b2p, I would create a mechanic that flows those benefits into f2p. I mean you can create a probationary period that limits the account created until a significant amount of time have been invested thereby giving the player a consequential condition that would make them think twice about rabble rousing or "trolling" etc... f2p will definitely give this game a massive population and given the scope of the game this would be a good thing. There are still a lot of people out there that find P2P simply a costly pay wall specially if one is a casual player, but if casual player is not in your demographic and only have room for the elitist lot, I guess go for it. Furthermore, you can still have a plex type system even in a f2p setting, this would be something that would give players access to a great convenience and benefits towards convenience, such a system isn't exclusive to a pay to play schema. Those that cannot afford to grind for those plex type currency would just have to do everything the long way around since those benefits should still be attainable even if it through an impossible amount of grind, but still attainable. Cosmetic or Vanity items are great merchandising tools since everyone wants to look unique and not like a clone of the next player. The reason why I don't play EVE is that P2P paywall as I am a casual player, I play Rift which is f2p and invest heavily in cosmetics and good looking mount types and mount skins to support the game, I play The Secret world which is buy2play now but then again I was in it from the very beginning and had bought into the lifetime subscription, but I still buy stuff at the store to support the game, cosmetic stuff, not pay to win stuff, just something to make my avatar look more unique. There is more of us casual players than one may think. Casual players can makeup the majority of the population in a game that are akin to civilians that do just that, populate and make your game look more active and be more active. So please don't be too quick to dismiss f2p. And as for Eve the only ones playing those now are the condescending elitist troll bastards that barely have a life in the real world. That game could be making even more money if it weren't p2p, but i guess that is why a$$hole$ are like opinions, everyone has one and it stinks. Anyway peace out from a casual player( yeah i'm a dirty casual player you elitist burn out.) and I hope to partake in Dual if it isn't behind a paywall until then i'll support Star Citizen.
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