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  1. Well done Griphass. I really like them
  2. The idea is good and I really like it. The board could be a static object or, like the spaceships, some vehicle which you have to build first and then ride it. I think here of the landspeeder of Star Wars. You know, the speeder which Luke uses to fly with Ben Kenobi, R2S2 and C-3PO to Mos Eisley.
  3. English: Yeah I hope so. I hope to see you too ? Deutsch: Ja, ich hoffe auch das alles klappt. Hoffentlich sehe ich dich auch ?
  4. discordauth:2G3ngGssf7wnCVwuR5LD8pgtZTpatIH_oHw7JKUpayY=

  5. Hello. My name is GodotEngine, but you can call me Godot if you like. I follow the process of the game shortly after the game got it's Kickstarter page. At this time the game was was very fascinating for me. The concept to create a new virtual civilization sounds awesome and the combination between Minecraft and No Man's Sky is the right game for me. Long story short. Since today I'm a proud Patron supporter of this game and I can't wait to test the game in the coming weeks and months. Everything which has something to do with programming is my special field. So
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