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  1. Also if you have not already done so. Go take a look at the other 4 pages of comments. There is a lot that has been discussed there and definitely helpful in giving you new ideas.
  2. Interesting idea mate. I could definitely see small ships relying on larger ships. Not sure about the medium ones. It would be nice to be able to make jumps and then stealth without needing a large ship. Although to balance that maybe make it so that power can go to either the FTL drive or the stealth system. So if you want to recharge and use your ftl then you cant have stealth on or the other way around. This means that as soon as you get into a system you can either be unstealthed and let your drive recharge. Or you can go stealthed right away and then when your leaving you can go unstealthed and wait. Each has its pros and cons. P.S. Im glad this post is still active
  3. I want to set up a base of operations on some moon or space station and then contract to people. Long term I want to be a respected name that has made good conections with people. Im going to see if the Organization I imagined takes off. If it doesnt then ill lone wolf and/or be apart of a team.
  4. Always be polite to a client. -Jango Fett

  5. Always be polite to a client. -Jango Fett

  6. I have finally updated Shadow Corporation and refined it quite a bit. For those who have been waiting for awhile. I apologize.
  7. Big update soon for Shadow Corporation. I know its been months since I last touched it. Life has kept me busy.

  8. This is a wonderful idea. I can't wait to see how it grows
  9. Always be polite to a client. -Jango Fett

  10. I agree with the idea of having a Analogous backpack. It would provide more strategic gameplay mechanics in the form of item management, like you stated.
  11. Oh no. You just can't see me working in the shadows because of my shadow transcendence. P.S. Who said you had to be dishonest. Jango Fett says it best, "Say no more than necessary" and "Never tell the whole truth in a trade". (Just because you don't tell someone everything doesn't mean your dishonest. Just means they only know part of the truth )
  12. Lol. I Shadow will shadow all of Shadow Corporation with my Shadiness.
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