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  1. The first public signals of said "discussion" were around November last year by Sesch. So quite a bit more than 113 days.
  2. Blaze has been blocked from accessing the forums for some time now by NQ. I had a talk with him on Discord and basically NQ has ignored his appeal emails and he has no intention to commit to being "a good boy" which he is required to agree to regain access otherwise. So, unless NQ let's him back in, he's gone. Apparently, NQ considers him toxic, unconstructive and unhelpful towards others. He certainly can be blunt at times, but if NQ considers him unwanted, I can see quite a few around here who are (far) worse. And I can find many very solid, constructive and reasonable pieces of feedback, great ideas, supportive responses and helpful comments from him here.. But hey.. it's NQ's playground so if they want to be selective in who can or can't be a certain way, that is for them to decide... I guess..
  3. There has never been any promise of talent points or quanta not being erased. Not once. There also was never a promised that wipes would be "minimal at best" The ONLY "promise" around wipes that ever existed was that you would keep blueprints. The talk around and after beta has always been no more wipe like at beta which was a full/gobal wipe with only blueprints being retained. At some point NQ did say that in case of further wipes magic blueprints would be available allowing you to spawn back constructs without the need for materials or elements but seeing how there have been many serious exploits which have yielded some players multiple billions of quanta and much of that was invested in high tier elements, that option really became not viable as well. The recent schematic change also "rewarded" those who exploited another NQ mistake by buying the most expensive schematics at 99% discount end now getting refunded the full price of these, which again will have handed billions to some. And as there have also been several issues with blueprints where one could make core blueprints from constructs where you are not the creator of the construct, before DRM was activated on these, the only realistic option here is to wipe where the world is completely reset, 1uanta erased, collected talent points be returned to the talent point pool and retaining normal core blueprints of which you are the creator.
  4. Well, that is what happens when you hide a video from the YT algorithm by keeping it unlisted, preventing it from being seen by anyone outside of the people you target specifically. When that audience is as small as is the case here, you get just a few hundred views .. The decision to publish unlisted seems .. odd ..
  5. The building height limit of 1000 meters was new.. Kind of important to know, why was this change never properly announced? To me this is a very welcome and agreeable, change, especially as it wil kill the towers post wipe but first time I hear of it
  6. After some more time with this change, it is quickly becoming apparent that it is designed to reduce large scale industry as a main goal and in the process reduce "we make everything ourselves" industry within orgs. As long as you do small scale industry with no more than two stages, it's maintainable. After that it becomes a chore. Even a basic warp cell factory becomes too much to manage. NQ seems to want to deconstruct the one game mechanic that keep people in the game besides building. It feels like they can't afford the cost massive industry drives server side and so are nerfing player's abilities to run these. I agree this seems designed not to improve gameplay but to cut cost and try to maintain a balanced server budget financially more than anything. And that is pretty much what Deckard said on Discord anyway. DU has quickly become a series of UI driven mechanics with as little actual server interaction as possible. It's getting more and more removed from the promise of "unlimited possibilities" and a truly open sandbox MMO. NQ is laying tracks everywhere to put players on rails and control what they can (or can't) do directly and intensely. It really begs the question how NQ pans to finance the required upscale before release to accommodate the large number of incoming players they will need to both reach and provide with an experience that makes them stay.
  7. That is because NQ just makes up these numbers without applying any logic or reason @Kurosawa .. They are changing things for the sake of changing things and making up reasons afterwards. This is why much of what NQ does is kind of a good idea in principle but the execution lacks. If you apply a reason after you "design" the change, that is what happens. It's textbook cart before horse
  8. How does steel have less HP than Iron? that makes no sense. This table seems to be a choice of a few random values per category, ignoring any RL material qualities Some very quick and simple actions, like a google search, will give you some information to work with and make these values make sense. example: https://www.rapiddirect.com/blog/metal-strength-chart/ The table in the blogpost seems to indicate someone just sat down and made up some arbitrary numbers without any consideration for the actual materials represented. Also, making these changes also means that you must rebalance recipes as for instance concrete becomes far less effective that other materials while being way more expensive to produce which would not make sense. Rebalancing materials really also means you have to bring in the long promised option to replace one voxel material in a blueprint for another before spawning it And lastly, looking at these changes, how does a flight chair end up weighing in at 3 tonnes using materials in the list? I know it's not voxels but still ..
  9. A wipe is about many things, it is not about people "catching up". I and some others have tried to explain that this is not a thing several times now.
  10. TO be honest, from the moment NQ announced the HQ tiles they have said that the way these work can and probably will chance down the line. The only location your personal stuff is ever really safe (outside of things like a system wipe) will be on a starter planet.
  11. NQ will wait for the very last moment and then proudly announce they made their decision to wipe. They will have lost more players than if they just had told us months ago (it's actually been nearly a year since the speculation and questions started in earnest) by then because of it.
  12. Absolutely, which is why what NQ seems to be trying does/will not work to the extent they think/want. It's why I say NQ sems to be trying to hammer a cube through a triangle hole..
  13. This is pretty much the scenario which is emerging. This change to schematics basically undoes their introduction in 0.23 and creates a mechanic which is gear towards exactly what it is supposed to prevent. And it contradicts what NQ announced and explained their intention for the mechanic is completely. Your average player will mostly be able to "research" the needed schematics for anything they need or want to build. There is no need for big industry, not is there a point in doing what I think the intent for NQ was, break up industry in smaller pieces and make it work more like it does in EVE where players specialize in specific components/parts and trade those through te market/economy. I've said this before, but this is NQ trying to do the proverbial "hammer a cube through a triangle hole". They really should have seen this result coming had they done their homework, but as it stands it seems they did their usual "let's just see what happens", without putting much thought into it OR it's just another change to just reduce server cost, which in light of some of the comments made by especially Deckard is certainly possible.
  14. Yeah.. I was really looking forward to that. It was a bummer that JC announced the changes did not make it to beta nut still hopeful when he said that they'd bring it in during (with a wipe). The hammer fell when he announced that it would not happen after all but that we'd get a whole new solar system instead to compensate plus everything else and all that within a year (source). That kind of told me he was really just full of BS and had been stringing us along. It was where I more or less went to the side of "NQ is not going to deliver the game they promised/set out to make" and it pretty much played out that way... JC's vision was great but his execution of said vision and management of the company was about as bad as it gets. Which is also why he found himself kicked out. It would be amazing if NQ manages to get the new planet tech in and gives us "a whole new world" to play with for release. I'd love to be able to get behind NQ pulling a massive rabbit out of the hat for release, but I think that is at best a very slim possibility and it's more likely we get what we have now instead.
  15. Aaand.. here comes the cash shop .. Seriously though, I think a cash shop will be a good addition, provided it is managed well. I thought the way Deckard was being _very_ careful about what he was saying about the HQ tiles was kinda funny .. As we know the wipe will solve that issue and answer that question SO, the DSAT is not working as "NQ wants".. saying that is one thing but why not take the opportunity to elaborate a bit more and try to not get a storm of posts on what his means. I'd say that DSAT is pretty straightforward in what it does and Iam not sure how it can be working in a way NQ does not like as it really is just a UI interface for the route to asteroids..
  16. It's still interesting to me how NQ somehow, nearly three years after the fact, came to the conclusion somehow that schematics were "very unpopular by the already existing community" The ones with whom they were unpopular left years ago and would not return in most cases, regardless of what NQ does or does not do. The whole "rush in this schematic change" feels more like a part of NQ is trying to establish "their way or the highway" internally to me.. Can't say if it's true or not, but it feels like it was just pushed through without actually having a conversation about it.
  17. You may not want it and that's fine. But there is certainly those who do and taht si fine too. And IMO it would not be that hard for NQ to support both with this base idea. But it appears that is not what they want to do, which may well cost them in the end.
  18. I did not experience any issues following the DLSS patch but am seeing way more CDT happening after the most recent patch with schematic changes.
  19. @kanadaj I think a big part of the critique is not so much the idea of this change, but more the way it is done and how it affects some unreasonably more than others. I agree with you when you say that this change appears to specifically benefit smaller industry and with it solo and small groups. The odd thing is that it goes against the very reason NQ is giving for schematics in general and this change specifically. If in addition to this change, NQ would add something like a _very expensive_ industry element which can feed schematics into the production chain and possible allow for more Lua automation, you get an overall mechanic which caters to both playstyles. You get the easier access to industry for new/solo/small group players while you offer a path to bigger industry setups through additional premium components. So, once again, what in principle may be a good idea from NQ is really held back by an incomplete/half/unfinished implementation and right now, the "we'll expand later" excuse really does not sit well seeing how we are very close to release.
  20. good luck crafting T2 fuel as clearly indicated in OP
  21. This is true and IMO it is what NQ is trying to actually do (while at the same time selling it differently). This design is NOT supposed to support large scale industry but drive small scale, self-sufficient industry. for which it works very well. Takes a few days to get the schematics to make what you need. For solo and small group playstyles, especially for T1 and T2 stuff it's cheaper and more convenient that using markets. This will become quickly apparent once the wipe happens and this new mechanics is very suitable for new players to build their own stuff and get off the starter planet.
  22. For larger scale industry, certainly. For smal scale ones not so much, for incidental DIY use it's perfectly fine and an improvement over the previous system as it removes the need to fly around and interact with bots on the market. Not really, it takes a few days for any one person to get the schematics they need for incidental builds. It is specialized and dedicated industry gameplay that gets killed by this change, which may well be the intent NQ actually has. The more I look at this, the more it feels like a wolf in sheep's clothing in that regard Agreed, NQ's messaging on this is both vague and contradictory in several ways. Not that this is new. Absolutely. And IMO that is intentional The messaging in nanocrafter that schematics are required is just bad UI design. While an easy fix, it's also typical for NQ The "everything is player made/controlled" idea has been abandoned years ago. NQ's "hand-off" promise is long since retracted and NQ actively forces what they believe is how the game should be player (as they have literally said they are doing on a number of occasions) The new schematic system pretty much goes back to the original industry idea we had in Alpha. It also is clearly a partial copy of how EVE industry works while it ignores that the overall mechanic is very different, so it tries to make it do something it's not designed to do.
  23. After having played around with this a bit, the changes feel very .. off It feels like this wil actually benefit small scale DIY style industry, something NQ claimed it's supposed to "prevent". The way this is balanced is completely not geared towards having industry being specialised and intended to drive the economy/markets. It is pretty much "spend a few days 'researching' schematics and then build your own stuff anyway" I also do not buy the reasoning NQ gives us that this is because people were complaining about the changes made in 0.23 as NQ already addressed that by overcompensating prices for schematics downwards. People kept calling out 0.23 because it was a moment where NQ made a massive mistake, and they paid the price in losing a huge number of the player base. This change just feels out of place in DU because it is essentially a partial copy of the way blueprints are handled in EVE but the rest of the industry system is entirely different, so it really is like NQ is hammering a cube through a triangle shaped hole here. Just like the forced and illogical choices made to limit construct max speeds, this is overthinking and missing the actual point while easier and better solutions are very easy to see (as has been presented in this thread by several different people as alternatives). I do feel that the pattern that is emerging is that some in NQ have design idea which do not fit the overal vision of the game itself and are driven by motivation other than making the game more playable/enjoyable. The reasoning and explanation NQ is giving us for these changes just do not match up with how it plays out. It all makes the game feel very grindy and bland, not helped by the still terrible UI/UX design. This is not doing DU any favors.
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