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  1. discordauth:vpjSQFxp2UE9I_kBEaB-U_7XXqWBDqg3VdJhvgKqjaY=

  2. Indeed I didn't see the other one as well, but here's to hoping later on down the road.
  3. is that a lighthouse unit in one of the photos on the ceiling?
  4. cool I installed discord awhile back ill have to dust it off and start using it again
  5. D'agon


    Hello everyone just wished to say hi and cant wait to play the game. looks like SE on steroids.
  6. Building on this are there going to be specific buildings that will be required to consider a group of buildings a city?
  7. I agree with both of you I did so most but then again i have been coming across more f2p games that aren't the p2w model. They focus more on cosmetic stuff in the stores.
  8. I hope it is sub as well. The f2p model on most f2p games are more like Play to win and I wouldn't want to see that here for this game.
  9. Indeed I hope they add something along the lines of a holographic system for ship A.I.
  10. This corp sounds pretty cool so far. I would like to join as well and be a builder.
  11. I would hope they add the ability to pressurize your ship or structures underwater or in space.
  12. I would have to agree. Having a crew is one of the elements that would make the game fun. I would also thing that certain things such as the cockpit, engines, and consoles, However it would be cool if we could design those as well.
  13. It would be cool to see some MAC type weapons as well. The ideas are endless and I can't wait to see all the builds people come up with and to contribute to the list of builds myself.
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