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  1. Welcome, Visari expects you to rally under the banner of Helghan and claim your righfull place in the universe!!! Hail Helghan!!!
  2. Why not join the Helghan Empire?
  3. The Helghan Exodus! For many years we have been oppressed and hated on Earth. Through our sheer will and might we have gained the right to board the Novark. We are finally here, a new era has dawned for the Helghast on Alioth. NOW IS THE TIME TO REBUILD AND PROSPER. TO RESTORE OUR MIGHT, PRIDE AND POWER. HAIL HELGHAN!!! (send me a msg if interested)
  4. No need to search, THE HELGHAN EMPIRE IS THE ONLY OPTION, Hail Helghan!!!
  5. Welcome and Hail Helghan!
  6. In all seriousness, why not join the mighty Helghan Empire? What is better? The WhateverIndustries? HAIL HELGHAN!
  7. By having nationalistic ideals that emphasize the superiority of the Helghast!!! i mean.. ehem your organization or whatever.A strong military, and total commitment to the government. With duty, obedience, and loyalty your organization will thrive and new people will join you!!! HAIL ME!
  8. Do i even need to introduce my self? Fine! To you ISA people im Scholar Visari Supreme emperor of the Helghan Empire! I have decided to come to this universe to restore the Helghan people to glory!!! Hail me! Hail Helghan!
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