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  1. Best way to describe this game in one word. Tedious, why do I still play it. Simple, it is the ONLY game that let's me draw out my space ship exactly the way I want, to the best of my ability. Scam no, tedious, yes. Freedom to build what ever, how ever with out being limited to predetermined shapes is why the players still around stick around. I do hope they improve on the aspects of a mmo, like gameplay loops, and a real pvp system, ( sorry NQ the current pvp is total aids,) maybe missions will bring some life back, we can only wait and see.
  2. Seriously, how many threads and posts do you need before you MOVE/REMOVE the construct clutter. How many? Its been 6 months, and this comes up every other week. Treat the markets like airport long term parking, 3 weeks idle and your construct is abandoned. It gets towed and placed as a compact in the market terminal it was towed from. The price to buy back becomes the constructs core size and mass. Simple to do, easy solution, will reduce market place lag. Everyone will be happy, and players that want add boards will have to get them out of impound every 3 weeks.
  3. Pretty much this, I get the usual stutters in and out of the market. Other wise it runs like a champ once everything loads.
  4. Most basic simple solution, ship's towed, and impounded till you pay a fee to have it restored. Ends the grief and creates a quanta drain. Realistically even if I leave my car at airport long term parking, after so long it is considered abandoned and is towed. (No BS, I work overseas for 3 months at a time and my car was towed the first time because I didn't know that was a thing. My boss had fun trying to get my car out of impound too.) TL:DR You stay, you pay. Ship's towed pleb, impound fee based on ship size and mass. All market problems solved.
  5. I wouldn't usually waste my time replying on obvious troll posts. But lmfao seriously ? Need a 4k$ computer to play at 35fps... Gtfo, my laptop with 16gigs ram and a geforce 1650 plays this game just fine. Only huge frame drops are around the markets, which is already being addressed. Admittedly, it should have been addressed like MONTHS ago, but I'll take later rather then never.
  6. This need a NQ acknowledgement.... the OPs tool request should be given priority as it would limit the need for voxelmancy libraries to get desired shapes.
  7. discordauth:jTkQdd7CdFPEsytTbrQbCBTO_lBxkefvo7td5vgvV2M=

  8. Need mod approval for discord, having some issues with the dual launcher could use a little support.
  9. discordauth:jTkQdd7CdFPEsytTbrQbCBTO_lBxkefvo7td5vgvV2M=

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