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  1. RE: Warp - I'd actually like to see it go the other way. If I don't have enough warp cells to make a trip, let me warp part of the way there.
  2. Lets not read too much into surface mining. They could simply reduce the time the operations takes and call it done. e.g. Change one parameter and call it fixed. "The reaction to changes introduced in 0.23 told us that there is more work needed here". Wow. Just Wow. Amazing that it took a huge drop in the player base to get them to realize this many months later. Guess voting with your dollars really does work. "we are particularly sensitive to making a fair move for players who have invested in buying them" So? No wipe? *sigh* Are they also going to be parti
  3. Unfortunately, this is just stating the obvious. On the other hand, at least they are stating it, instead of trying to mask it in distractions. For instance, Manufacturing batches were clearly a change introduced to reduce operating cost, not as a player benefit. Most of us had no problem with the concept, but like many things, it was done without much thought. e.g. Nobody had issues with things that happened very rapidly, like making screws, being batched up into more reasonable periods of time; however applying that across the board resulted in some items taking days, and hu
  4. Absolutely agree. In fact, submitted a formal Communication Plan to them over a year ago. Got the standard "We will push this up the chain" response.
  5. NQ - Please confirm or deny. A full press release would go a long way... (what happened, who is doing what now, what changes are expected, impact to game (rollbacks to pre 0.23?), etc.
  6. Its classic statistical manipulation. As my college stat teacher said: "Lies, Damm Lies, and Statistics". This is just like going to a Corvette club and asking "How many of you like Corvettes?". By forcing people into the game to do the survey, instead of in the launcher or on the forum with an e-mail link (best of the options in my opinion), they solicited those still playing and ask if they like the game - huge bias. Of course, as mentioned above, if they did it on the forum the results would likely be public - and that don't want that. They have the data - why no
  7. Please see the poll. Select all that apply.
  8. I fear its already too late. They are going to have to do something dramatic in order to get old players back... and I'm not talking about fixing emotes (their last priority patch).
  9. I fear the delay in 0.23 promised rollbacks "adjustments" is going to cost NQ dearly going forward. I was logging in daily just to get the reward, but have stopped doing that as well - just can't hold my breath anymore. Others previously active players I still discord with are bascially in the DU? D-what? camp now, having moved on to other games. The last meaningful (barely) Release Notes were from December 18th, over two week ago (ignoring 1R0.23.7 which fixed emotes - that being so critical to gameplay). This is making many of us agree with Rhotan and Blazemonger when they c
  10. Exactly my point: We had an ARKSHIP! One that lasted 10,000 years to deliver us. Think of the technology required to build that. We have NOTHING (at least that I can think of) that mankind has ever built that lasted 10,000 years - not even the pyramids (which are about 4000 years old and built of friggen stone). The bloody whole thing is supported by a beam of light! Obviously the tech used is far an above beyond what we have today.
  11. I'm an alpha player that started in January of 2018 with thousands of hours in the game, hell, probably approaching a thousand hours since pre-beta. I would welcome a wipe IF: 1) The game came back with ZERO bots allowing for the promised player based economy to actually be a player based economy 2) Schematics were seriously reworked. I fine with having to buy, oh, say, Tier 3 and above schematics - once. Not once for every warp cell factory. 3) They get back to a lore based architecture: A) Stupid not being able to duplicate, at low cost, a schematic for
  12. I resemble that remark, except I'm infrastructure wealthy, cash poor - and now crushed. I found the playability reasonable for the past 3 years, this patch pushed me well past the level of grind I'm comfortable with. I'm an industrialist by choice, miner by need. I currently have over 3 years of skills in the queue and would have more but got bored adding them. I just can't see waiting 3-5 years for my skills to get to level 5 in the industrial chain and having to grind that long just for schematics to reactivate what I had. Guess it just comes down to Heinlein's "Specializatio
  13. I'm pretty sure 0.23 was a mortal blow for the game. I worked hard (12+ hours a day for 3+ months) to get to the point of being able to build a Warp Beacon. Towards the end, it was a real drag - basically spending the entire day doing 15 minute scans in hopes of finding a single vein of T5 Niobium ore, knowing it takes several veins to make the alloys required (plus all the T1->T4 ores). Still, I did it, since my goal was in sight. I've gone from the 4 yard line to the 99.5 yard line now - the game didn't nudge me to something a bit harder, it tackled and plowed my head into the ground
  14. And if they want us to use the markets, don't make them a pain too: I just took 3 large cargo containers full of extra "stuff" I had to the marketplace. Something like 50 different items. Because they allow people to post a price of 10,000,000 for a 1000 quanta item, the "average price" can be way skewed. Perhaps they consider that another acceptable exploit... but I wasn't going to spend 2 days looking up prices for each and every item I had to sell. Also curious how it establishes a price when the item isn't available anywhere in the market? Anyhow, they need to put safety
  15. OK - here is a basic request: NQ broke every factory out there with the 0.23 release and the requirement that every industry have a purchased schematic. Ignoring the "why can't I duplication schematics 10,000 years in our future" question... could NQ at least give us a tool to analyze our factories and tell us which schematics, and how many, are required? It would be really nice if said tool worked with the marketplace and give us information like: "Pure Iron schematic - Need 3, own 2".
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