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  1. And what? Turn this game into a casino like your Entropia or a real-life online business like SL? DACs--which are tradeable in-game securities--is the only thing paid that we have in this game. That is for, 1.) to gain advantage in the game by being able to purchase securities that can be traded. These securities are 1 month subscriptions in the form of tokens, it's intrinsic value. ; 2.) to financially support the developer and publisher NQ so they can deliver us a great MMO, and maintain it's service, continued development, and updates for long-term, even at the cost of a little
  2. Oh man, I gave up learning Japanese! I studied it for about a year 12 years ago. I can still read Hiragana proficiently, I know some Kanjis (some are the same as Chinese in meaning), and I can't read Katakana still (it looks like a mess). I acquired some basic vocabulary (some I still remember today; some I forgot). I can count perfectly to 億; I still remember the numbers (the system and kanji are the same as Chinese). First things you learn in Japanese: はじめまして = "nice to meet you". ___と申します = "my name is ____". どうぞよろしくお願いします = nice to meet you (ple
  3. Because some people have sense of equity and individuality. We are an individual, am I right? We have self-interest, am I right? We want an equitable system, not a system of ants, right? If I'm paying for this game (and I will be paying for DACs) and putting my time and effort in it, and then at the same time working with others, we need an equitable system where we members are regarded as individuals. An organization is a group of people, it isn't conscious! (in other words, it doesn't physically exists!) If I'm gonna be part of an org, I will think of myself as independent of my
  4. Give us both the options to trade scripts locked or unlocked. locked = uneditable and unviewable ---> no technology transfer is included on trade unlocked = editable and viewable ---> technology transfer is included on trade You can also give the same options for construct design itself. Whatever they can manage to imitate from locked, it's not gonna be exactly the same replica but shares some similar feature/s. I'm sorry to tell you this, but you have no trademark (protection) over that concept (innovation)! Look at Boundless, Hytale, Dual Universe, Camelot Un
  5. Production and consumption are 2 things that spur an economic activity. Without them, exchanges between agents would never occur. In order to have a product to offer, you first have to design one, and afterwards continually improve it based on how you wanna market it. Ofcourse, the design feature of this game is an economic pillar! And an extensive design editor will better support the economy aspect that you like through broader range of products that it can possibly produce and make available to the market.
  6. Eternal

    Black Holes!

    It's called "Dual Universe" because the game's lore is based on Quantum Branching (Many-worlds Interpretation) discovered on the 2400s. In this concept, all possible succeeding outcomes (called "Quantum Events") exist in their own different, separate, and parallel universe and what outcome one realizes in the present is the Quantum Event belonging to the universe (branch point) one is in. When you die in Dual Universe, another parallel universe (Quantum Event) exists where everything is identical except you didn't died and you are inside the Resurrection Node. When you die and then
  7. I'm from Scarborough, ON which is the eastern-most part of Toronto. Welcome to DU!
  8. Since this is a PVP discussion, let's talk about PVP! There are only 2 factors that military considers in their defence procurement/development: it's just efficiency and effectiveness, that's it! Effectiveness means how well it can perform it's role regardless of cost; efficiency is how economical it is in terms of unit and operational cost and still viable for it's role. What is neither efficient and effective is useless! If something cannot perform it's role, it is also useless! Since when did "pretty" became a factor in the defence industry, in engineering even? As a Technician
  9. Exactly! It sounds like WoW man! How come every single MMO that releases, these people are crying about instanced raids? Almost all MMOs are WoW clones because these people can never change their mentality. The moment this becomes another WoW clone, I'm gone! To be honest, I am fed up with all these clones in the market!
  10. Commodities and services then, but not fiat. The solution is really simple, since the monetary system in real-life is corrupt, you will not replicate that in the game, you will add quanta-sink via NPCs to add "real" value to the quanta so in this case we will use it as a medium of exchange. Back it with real value! Now that it's real, you don't need to cap it by removing and re-introducing bots. Try to see this holistically, they(Commodities, Services, Quanta that you can spend on NPCs) are all things with value -- they are all the same thing! Don't cap the quanta but add sinks!
  11. You cannot just print quantas and expect us to have faith in it. I'm not stupid lol!
  12. No it doesn't! Fiat money is not a commodity, so how can it have intrinsic value? Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fiat_money It is a useless object that is being used as a medium of exchange and how it works is due to people's trust on the monetary system that I highly believe, after learning more about it, is a scam. I can discuss how corrupt the world's monetary system is, but that's for a different discussion. The point that you are making--which is the same as mine--is in order for quanta to have intrinsic value(literally "importance"), this game needs to add so
  13. And who will hold Quantas, tell me! Fiat money in real-life has no intrinsic value, the reason you can exchange them for more than paper is people's faith in the monetary system. There is no NPC in this game that sells any item for quantas to spend your quantas on, so tell me, what is the intrinsic value of quanta? Does it yield anything? It is again your faith on the quanta! Look at DACs, they are intrinsically valuable because atleast you can use them as monthly subs to this game! Look at raw resources, they are intrinsically valuable because you can process them to crafted
  14. I have to agree with this person.
  15. Modern aesthetics, while at the same time, the design has to make sense technically and according to in-game mechanics. An example is putting the cockpit/bridge on the aft of the fuselage/hull. It doesn't make any sense! Try looking "from" it and your line of sight is going to be far from the fore/nose which then again reduces your first-person visual line of sight of what you can see ahead as your vision of objects becomes less precise the greater the distance. Only sci-fi movies have such concepts like this! Look at almost all ships, fixed-wing aircrafts, rotarcrafts, to trains(w
  16. I think it's going to be delayed most likely because we are still in Alpha 2.1 and that Winter Space Station Building Contest will span to January 13. They can't just change the build without affecting this contest. And Alpha 3 is supposed to include PVP Lite. Do you think they have the PVP done right now and do you think they can get it done in less than 2 months or so? Call this a speculation but I just stated my basis. No one knows if it's going to be delayed, we can only come up with our own probability, and base on how I see it, highly likely. If you see 3 tiny Chinese girls (
  17. This Corporation(as a quality-oriented one) will focus on one industry first. This is not a Conglomerate! One step at a time and work on what's achievable before even thinking of diversifying! If one wants to diversify, all they have to do is buy Stocks of another company themselves and their own investment is diversified.
  18. So here is what we're going to do: We wait for the game to come out because Dual Universe still has a long way till release, not to mention that I think Alpha 3 is facing delays, so relax for now! When the game comes out, we buy DACs, we grind for resources, and pool them all together to form the Corporation's Total Equity. We will evaluate how much each contributed to determine how much their Share is. We are gonna become the Co-founders, Co-owners, and Board Members of this Corporation given everyone is a Shareholder. We must have a Voting System among the Board that will determi
  19. Eternal


    Hoarding money -- who does that in real life? The most successful people grows their assets and not piles of money. Money to the rich is cash flow that they reinvest to grow their assets (not money which is the liquidity of assets). Assets = Equity + Liabilities ---> it's basically all tangible and intangible assets that you control (you don't even have to own them)
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    That's not how I think man. I think assets and not Quantas. Even if the game is not like the US, assets are still far more valuable than Quantas which are used to acquire the valuable. Intrinsically Quantas are worthless!
  21. Eternal


    You wanna know the problem with the mindset of most people? Because the majority lacks financial and economic education, they think that the main purpose of trading is to keep accumulating money endlessly when really it's only the goods and services in the end that matters. A piece of paper doesn't yield anything and has little use but to wipe it out of my *ss after I'm done taking a sh*t. A 100 US Dollar bill has no intrinsic value but how much you can exchange it for which is dependent on supply and demand for the currency and the market's trust on the monetary system. Without trust on the
  22. If you're looking for an organization with a corporatist state structure, Pantheon Jumpworks is currently the second biggest corporatist state that has English as official language and has the best structure for a corporatist state out there. Sign up now!
  23. Hello, fellow Canadian!
  24. Here is the problem: even in real-life, they don't exist! They are "Consensus Standards" that are crafted by participating party/s and any external group have the choice whether or not to adopt that certain standard. That's how it works in real-life as I already stated. These external groups think — they will always choose to adopt an existing Consensus Standard that best meet their requirements over another. Ofcourse, a group's set-standards can change over time as better Consensus Standards get created to become available or because of the dynamics (change in situation over time)
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