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    ShaylixLinx got a reaction from Supermega in Hello, my name is ShaylixLinx   
    Just join into the TU Discord, it should be on the TU's community page here: https://community.dualthegame.com/organization/terran-union
    And yeah I'm excited, it's going to be amazing how everyone builds up their communities.

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    ShaylixLinx reacted to Supermega in Hello, my name is ShaylixLinx   
    Hi  @ShaylixLinx
    I to am very excited for DU. I think the progress and development has been a breath of fresh air compared to other games I've seen in development over the years. Novaquark, tries to be realistic about their goals, and aren't afraid to say no, tell it straight, when it comes to what will and wont be in the game. Hoping to get into the game during Alpha so I can make friends, and get to building. Still trying to decide what org I want to commit to, but the Terran Union is at the top of my list of Orgs I would want to be apart of, If I'm accepted.
    Other then that, just been working, and playing other games, while daydreaming about DU lol. not much else we can do til release. Greatly looking forward to the Gamescom AMA, I hope they can stream it live with no problems.
    P.S. where can I find more info about the Terran Union?
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    all I can say is.....

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