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  1. I would like to be able to design my own armour and then sell it in-game. I think that would be really cool
  2. Be advise, I am not very good with words so bear with me, I will try not to ramble. At release, I would be ok with there just being one or two armour styles, I think the idea of there being suits for hostile environments like a vacuum and one for in atmosphere is a great idea. However, I feel that just having those four armour types will be too restrictive. Let me explain what I would like to see, I would like a system where you should have lots of different armour pieces for a full set of Armor. So here is a list of all the armour pieces that I would like to see: -Chest piece (need to craft/ manufacture a chest plate and back plate and combine the two to make the chest piece, should also be able to put certain subsystems into the chest piece e.g. a battery to extend the life of your torch and or other sub-systems that require power like an air tank for hostile environments) will be one of the biggest pieces and be what takes most of the damage as it is a bigger target for people to shoot at. -Shoulder pads- I believe that these are a very functional piece of armour not only for defining rank within the military but also for showing what faction you are a part of (that is if they add in the ability to customise armour) -Arm (upper arm and fore arm)- these pieces of armour can also be used to show rank and faction. -Hand/ Gauntlet- there could be a subsystem that allows you to punch harder due to robotics or something. A possible subsystem is thrusters on the palms for manoeuvring in space (like iron man). - Lower torso (covers stomach)- Protects the stomach while having the armour for the upper body in two different parts for greater flexibility. -Thigh and shin- purely for protection hopefully can be painted for greater customisability between similar armour styles. Possible subsystems include thrusters for manoeuvring in space and jumping higher on planets. -Knee pads- also for protection and looks -Boots- can possibly provide protection from I.E.D’s I’m sure people will rig up with the sensors and some form of explosive. -Helmet- can hopefully be fitted with subsystems like a targeting computer to make aiming from the hip more accurate (like clone and storm troopers in Star Wars) as well as have life support built in as an option. It is my hope that you will be able to use the alloys that you research to make your armour so that it gives them different properties and protection. Of course, the heavier the armour the slower you should be, but I also think that for example if you don’t have any armour on your legs then your running speed should not be affected noticeably but your jump height would be lower than if you had no armour on. I have not seen a system that works like this before in a game like dual universe but it is something that I really want to see. Sorry for writing such a long post but to express my ideas i had to make the post as long as it is. 520 words if you were wondering.
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