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  1. Well one solution would be to have a review system but that would take time and things would still slip though. Or just literally have a legal system ingame. I'm also interested how this would be done as I like to reverse almost everything (and your Objective Driveyards has a whole section for reverse engineering things)
  2. Yes it would but if you build it so it can fall apart without fully colapsing and it can be used to help support a solar ring so it would be producing power after its mostly built and put turrets all over it to allow it to defend itself and keep most things and players away though cap ships would be a problem for anything
  3. we don't but I'm still going to find some place and build one of these if its possable with the game mechanics just because i can
  4. So in the lore we see two different kinds of AI. The AI that commands the Arkship and a personal AI. I assume that these are different kinds with the Ark AI being more akin to an A[g]I or Artificial General Intelligence though not fully one and the personal AI being more of the Interface your suit uses to give you information on whats in your Kadpak and possibly news from other players and such along with any other general information that the player may need. That first part basically outlines what I think the person AI should be. Not a full AI but the suit interface with different functions. The reason for it being an AI and not just some text on screen would be to help keep the person sane as long periods with no interaction with others can cause a person to go insane. Here are some things the AI could do/help with though this is mostly game fluff and ways to explain things the game does with lore. Display whats currently in the Kadpak Show a news-feed from other players around the galaxy Alert the player to different environmental things such as new ores or another player entering the immediate area. Connect to a ship and help provide basic support for things like control, targeting, navigation, and repair. Scripts would augment or replace this. Alert the player to ship conditions like hull integrity or atmosphere Alert the player to blueprint problems Be nameable with (modifiable?) voice packs (possibly a cash shop / tradeable item created by users for ingame money) Now for the more "fun" part. When reading the lore and some of the parts of the ship AI I was somehow reminded of Fallout and the different vaults in that game as well as several other sci-fi things with AI in them. We know that our own Arkship landed and is at least somewhat sane but what about the others? A number of Arkships never made it off Earth but its assumed that at least some others did and they have probably been traveling almost as long or longer so where are they? These are some ideas for a few of the other Arkships however these should be later in the game after people start to explore out and such. Rouge AI: This Arkship AI has gone rouge and has begun using the Arkships guns to kill off everything around it though it appears to have gone rouge after/before landing (two ideas here) Offline AI: The Arkship continues to function for the most part autonomously however with the AI offline it is unable to land and release the humans inside. Mad AI: The AI has gone mad and has used its influence on the humans inside driving them all mad and begin to hunt anyone and anything not part of their Arkship. Because the AI is still online the Arkship managed to land though it would most likely not be a nice landing (crooked/ fallen over) and the uniforms of these others should be different in some way (maybe colors or design) Aka: space pirates Functional AI: The AI is fully functional however the Arkship took damage from an unknown source and most of the humans were "lost" and the ship is drifting. The AI is working on a way to allow the Arkship to land. DisFunctional AI: Similar to the Functional AI however this AI has woken up the brains of the remaining crew to assist it figuring a way to land the ship properly by utilizing their brains. Hive AI: think star trek borg but humans less covered in tech Mostly just some random ideas I came up to allow for more PvE and interesting exploration
  5. Just to add onto this a little it could be an allowed moddable part of the game and using steams workshop or something similar so you could have things like pirate Elvin and other languages that normally are not supported by games because of reasons.
  6. The point would be to get into orbit without wasting fuel to leave a planet (or with the elevator to enter as well) and I doubt I would make an explosives power craft without first getting into space. We don't really know how the early game will go so these were ideas to serve as alternate ways to get into space and while they just get a craft to orbit it is much easier to leave from orbit than it is from the surface Nuclear bomb powered spaceship
  7. No the whole point is that you don't need rocket propulsion to get into space. For a space elevator its power could come from the rails it travels along, the ground, or batteries it caries with it and could be propelled by the rails (think mag-lev trains) or has its own mechanical system that pulls it up the rail. The Mass Driver would be more like a mag-lev train where it is just accelerating until it gets to a certain speed where it can then be launched from the track and get to orbit without needed extra propulsion to make the accent. Doing other activities in space would require other types of propulsion like rockets but not actually getting to space in the first place which is where I'm assuming most of the cost would be as its where most of the cost is IRL
  8. Well we know that there will be like thrusters and anti-grav but we don't know how much these would cost and we do know that the devs want it to take some time before we are able to do so, so what about other options to exit planets? Space Elevator: An extremely large construct built to deliver cargo and other smaller constructs to Space drastically reducing the cost of actually getting to space. These work by having some kind of track connected to a planet at one end and platform commonly in Geosynchronous Orbit falling around the planet Climbers then use this track to climb up all the way to the platform. This falling keeps the track straight and tight between the two endpoints. In some designs these tracks are encased in a cylinder that leads all the way up to the platform. Mass Driver: Basically a large track that will accelerate an object to escape velocity and then fire it out. The acceleration track can be curved or straight and easily be long enough so that there are not excessive G-forces applied to passengers or to fragile cargo. Ground based Propulsion: Using a kind of sail energy is transferred from the ground to a ship that then utilizes this energy to make the accent. Many different kinds of energy could be used and different kinds of transfer methods from laser to plasma pulses. Each of these could also be used for other things for example the space elevator could have a large planetary ring built along with it and solar power cells and defensive weapons built on it. The mass driver could be used to throw missiles or other weapons at a target and the Ground based Propulsion might be able to be adapted into some kind of energy based defense weapon for a planet.
  9. Might as well invite him to your faction/clan/whatever then otherwise someone else might steal him
  10. Would it be possable to use the Virtual Simulator offline or when you just don't want to connect to the server for whatever reason?
  11. The problem comes with the earning it part. I'm totally fine with paying for a subscription if I need to but some people are not and if it costs more than you can possibly earn in a month or you have to work almost non-stop in order to get the ingame money to buy one then its not really worth even trying because you don't get to enjoy the game. I would prefer the B2P model with a cosmetic cash shop as those seem to have much better communities than F2P but still be decently large and keep out a lot of the players no one wants around but I get why the devs would go with the P2P model if they do so.
  12. No idea how well that would work as the main downside of F2P games is that they tend to attract far more people who just want to watch the world burn though if it could be made to work . . .
  13. Coruscant with all its levels but I thats the size of the whole planet so maybe not
  14. I think he means that they would get access to those items already or something like that
  15. You don't have a PvP advantage as any other player could also get those drops it might take them more time however. Same with the market its not an advantage it gives you that you have to pay for in order to use it simply speeds up the processes. MC has (bad) server cash shops sometimes but they are not really allowed and no SE server I have played on has had a cash shop yet. Also if you think the server is crappy find another server there are tons of them so you can't really say that the servers are crappy. There are games that were on a similar scale to those two on world scale though I can't think of any names and While I can't say any other game that is out tries to do this or on the scale of DU (its space no other game not in space would ever reach this scale though maybe player count) Star Citizen (yes had to do it) is B2P and Planetside 2 is basically one of the largest shooter (talking about amount of players in an area in combat not total amount of players) and its F2P
  16. not if the stuff only works when using it against PvE (yes it is possible to if the devs want to) and the priority access thing was only a suggestion but it could be done. I don't want to see this game fail simply because people don't want to pay to play it when they have other games like Minecraft (and its mods), Space/Medieval Engineers (and those mods), From the depths, and whatever other games I am forgetting. Also while there have been many p2p games the only ones that I know of that have been truly successful are WoW and EVE. The others that tried to do similar things are mostly b2p or f2p with OP cash shops now or just died out.
  17. So I have not read all the posts yet (don't have time atm will read them later if I remember) I like the B2P model the best though I also know that MMOs need money to keep the servers running, people paid, and other things so maybe a hybrid with the P2P model with a cosmetic cash shop. subscribers would also need something so that they keep their subscriptions going so maybe something like priority access to stargates and other things depending on how those work and cash shop item every month or something. Maybe access a special chat as well and a lounge somewhere in the universe. The shop could also include things like XP boost pots and maybe advanced hunter bots that help with PvE (not PvP as that would be P2W). Buying both ingame money and costumes with real money is actually really popular (see all those bots selling ingame money for real money in other MMOs) Nothing that would break the balance in PvP and make the game P2W but things that would be nice to have but not 100% required for play. Also because the player has to buy the game to start they would start with a month or 2 of access to subscriber stuff. This would also give the starting players time to get off the planet at the very start of the game.
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