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  1. i would vote for a mixed cryopod / "ragdoll" system. i wouldn't do actual ragdoll bodies though. i would go with an emergency cocoon built into everyone's suits. so if you log out or disconnect, your character would go into the fetal position and the suit would deploy a cocoon around them. this would create a much more manageable "item" to handle. it would also remove the more costly ragdoll physics for more simple box physics. the cocoon would have a light on it that would be green to show that a live player is inside. if the player/cocoon is killed, the light would tu
  2. I want to be a part of an organization, as an engineer (I have coding skills so that would be fun). I want to help build / repair / expand the organizations assets and power base. I want to help make someone else's plain come to fruition. to be a part of something bigger than me.
  3. the fact that there will be conflict and that structures will need to be rebuilt / repaired is one of the draws to this game for me. I am more of a builder / gatherer / explorer type play (I'm not great at pvp). and the idea of logging into the game and immediately being directed by my organization to help rebuild an outpost that has been attacked, sounds like great fun. as far a city design goes, I think the first organised city's will be built by organizations, as most solo builders are more likely to want there own little homestead / mine / etc. and this would push them further a pa
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