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  1. image.thumb.jpeg.b654568fe2fa789328187aca15633c0f.jpeg


    Do you want a treasure? You probably got it already. A very expensive painting, that's what you probably got in your base that you got on Haven.  I just checked the nice painting that I just want to recreate. Well, I can forget that, 🤣

    The rare casing xs that use fluor gives me already a raised eyebrow. 

    I'm almost tempted to sell it, but I don't even know how much you can ask for it.... ah well, let's keep it. My own treasure.


    Cya guys



    1. tlcjwb


      You can buy them on the market for < 30k

    2. -=DWM=-


      That's less than I would have expected 😅 

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