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    Every time when I use the shuttle station and just go and take the shuttle, I look never up. But then I noticed something. It says Alioth and moons. What moons? They go only to Haven, Alioth and Sanctuary. But then I noticed the elevators on the floor and yep, here I am, on the next level.  The doors you see open automatically, but there's nothing to see 🤷‍♂️


    Well, it seems the developers planned something, but never put it in the game. What could it be? Money, lazyness, or they didn't want us to make it 'easy'? Whatever, this gives me a bad vibe... I hope they will put it still later in the game...  hopefully. 


    1. Belorion


      Haven and Sanctuary are moons of Alioth ...

    2. -=DWM=-


      @Belorion It seems you're correct.  Haven and Sanctuary are moons. But on the space map they are not exactly written as a moon, and since Sanctuary and Alioth have also a small moon. What a crazy game setting. 

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