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    revofire got a reaction from devu in How will governments pay for all the employees?   
    Why does NQ have to do it? That would have to be a very robust system. Why not hire accountants that can perform more actions than NQ could ever implement? More jobs, more community, more immersion.
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    revofire reacted to mrjacobean in How long will a day be?   
    Just going to say this, Planet rotation is something they WANT, but they may not be able to get it until after release (its not a priority)
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    revofire reacted to Anaximander in Limiting Script Automation will Hinder Economic Growth   
    Not really. It will though make sure the game is not full of multiboxers and bots.

    It will also not overflow the servers if an idiot wanted to make a loop do 1000000000000000000000 loops a second. You might be sayng "but scripts run on the client's end", which is true, but the server has to receive those actions and register them.

    Limited automation will keep the game tied to its core social interaction. You can have welders putting a ship together in your factory, or you can have machines that do it slower than them.

    It's a risk to have people work for you and it's not a risk to have machines, but they have slower speeds than humans. It's a trade-off.
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    revofire reacted to Volkier in how do i get dual universe Now?   
    You break into Novaquark's headquarters in a daring overly complex and elaborate stun, like a combination from all the Mission Impossible movies, using a team of six highly trained professionals working outside the realms of any government. You then spend the next two months on the run from authorities, hard drive in hand, as a world-wide fugitive. Most of your team would likely be captured and/or killed during this time. Several cities would also suffer severe damages, with hundreds of thousands of innocent bystanders killed as collateral damage, throughout the climax of your many brushes with those seeking you out. 
    After faking your own death while simultaneously assassinating the lead investigator who is absolutely psychotically obsessed with capturing you through any means possible, you will then finally be able to live out the rest of your days in hiding, but in relative freedom. Crouching over an old computer in a caravan that you move from place to place every night, parked in the middle of the desert and powered by a diesel generator that you have to constantly fix every half an hour, you can finally enjoy the fruits of your labour in what is currently the in-development version of the game.
    Hope this helped shape your plans for the next immediate (and long term) future.
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