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  1. “And the AllFather said, "Hear now My words: If there is a prophet among you, I will reveal Myself to him in a vision, I will speak to him in a dream.” Book of Creation, Chapter 6 Lo my children, the AllFather has revealed his wishes to our beloved leader in a vision. In the vision he was at the Citadel of the AllSpark, inside the temple of the AllFather. There the AllFather revealed the holy land, the place called “PVP Zone” and tasked him with taking this area in his name. We shall therein create a temple with a shrine containing a most holy relic, some of the pure essence of the AllSpark itself! Ye shall take and hold this area my children, make it ours! Guard it with zeal and let no foe enter its holy realm!" Praise the AllFather!
  2. Aemon here, excited to join the game and community 😃 Im a long time gamer (since the 80s ^^), usually playing strategy/FPS/survival type games. Been following DU for a number of years and now the wait is almost over See you all in there 🤘 - von
  3. discordauth:miPJI4i9F9hszuVT1wqoCEQve3eCPAhSzy5U9e9Ubco=

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