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  1. Berur1er

    Worried about my email

    same here, nothing yet, pressure must be high in studios Have a nice day
  2. Berur1er

    What are you most excited for? Poll

    too many to choose
  3. Berur1er

    How are you going to play the game?

    so many choices, the sandbox magic. exploration, mining, building an underground base, biuldings defences undercover, play with others, pvp, play a part in this gigantic economy, what else?
  4. Berur1er

    When will the game get more popular?

    anyway, let's spread the word out!
  5. on the video, it seems to be in the middle of the area (surface). most probably will cover the underground as well. Just hope it can be hidden
  6. Berur1er

    Resources stats

    That's pretty much encouraging, many thanks for the answers guys
  7. Berur1er

    Resources stats

    I've been looking around a bit, still wondering if the collected resources will present some stat (durability, conductivity and so on) like what we had on SWG. It would add some more complexity to the game
  8. Berur1er

    When will the game get more popular?

    Alpha launch is needed to get more attention from the gaming population, until then, doubt a bit. Monthly communication is quite appreciable as long as it shows real progress in game development. Backers have their "job" to do as well, sharing contents on social medias, on gaming websites and so on
  9. Berur1er

    Happy New Year 2017!

    Happy New Year to you All. May 2017 fullfill all our gaming wishes!
  10. Berur1er

    Where you are from poll.

    coming from France, and waiting like crazy for this game! hope to meet mature players, explorers, miners, engineers, and pilots