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  1. This is what I'm hoping the answer will be. Simplifies everything and makes players aware of their tags when they log in
  2. I was actually referring to tag selection. In the OP they give the example of Warren belonging to two different organizations and how he can choose to act in the name of either organization or for himself by choosing which role he is in and what tags are active. So if Warren developed a design for a new ore hauler and he had the tag for Corpo 1 selected, then that organization would own the rights to his design. Vice versa, if he had his own individual tag as the only one that was active, then he would retain sole ownership of his design/blue print. This would also apply to any actions that Warren takes while his tag for Corpo 1 is active. Any Quanta that he gets would go to the bank account of Corpo 1 and any actions he takes would reflect on the reputation of Corpo 1. This isn't a big deal for anyone who plans on playing solo, or for those who plan on belonging to a single organization and aren't worried about keeping anything themselves, but for everyone else this could potentially be a very big part of their daily life. In a perfect world, if you accidentally gave the rights to your design or your profits from a deal to an organization you belong to, they would laugh and then give your rights/Quanta back to you. That said, we know this isn't always going to be true, so players will need to be aware of which roles/tags they have active. What I was wondering is if, when you log out and log back in, your active and inactive tags will remain the same or will you always log in with your personal tag as the only active one?
  3. Awesome details and definitely food for thought. Question though. Will you have the same tags set when you log in that you had when you logged off or will it always default to your basic single user tag? With the level of detail and control that this allows, players will really have to be aware of what tags they have set when doing things, especially if they belong to even a single organization, much less multiple ones! Imagine if you created an incredible new design but forgot what tags you were under at that point. All of a sudden the organization that you are only somewhat involved in has control of your design instead of you. Or that secondary group that you joined for fun gets control of something that was meant for your main organization, and all because you had the wrong tag assigned at the time!
  4. I love the contest idea! I definitely plan on participating in this. Have to read through all of the lore once again before I start writing though
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