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  1. I doubt this, because i think it's a normal misconception. From my experience, pvpers are simply the loudmouthest forum/social media warriors in every game that offers pvp and pve together.
  2. Get lost sucker. I played this game for two years without ever using an exploit or glitch, did'nt buy the cheap schemata or used any other irregular moves for my gain. And there are many, many more who played within the rules and honestly. i may not have billions in cash, but surely billions in assets. I'm strictly against a wipe and the main reason for this is trust. I will not pay a dime to a company which breaks all her promises.
  3. To be dormant more than 3 month after a full wipe before release means they will again loose everything unless NQ changes the mechanic.
  4. This !! I stopped all my subscriptions a day after the initial post from NQ (Shedding some fog ....) With every day passing by my distance from the game grows - to get me back in this game NQ would have to produce a miracle.
  5. The sooner they announce a wipe, the sooner i can totally concentrate on another game with more trustworthy developers. In case they decide not to wipe my accounts are on standby since 2 weeks, only logged in today to check if one of the patch-bugs hit my accounts. Automatic payment is off, tiles are paid for 3 month - let's see what happens.
  6. No, it's not. You could run your own server without wiping ever, There are servers running since 2010 until today that never had a reset. But this was not the argument here, the argument was creativity vs. destructivity. If you touch another players structure in freedonia without his permission, you get banned.
  7. Well, have you ever wondered why people are playing Mindcraft? Some humans are more creative than destructive, that's all.
  8. Even at that time, where some of these exploits appeared, most of them were made public within the first days - i think nearly everybody would have understood, if the server was reset during the beta to a version prior to this. A backup from 3 days or even a week ago would have been totally fine. But a complete wipe is, as i said before, a lazy move.
  9. Exact. It's the duty of the developer and the staff, to ban these exploiters and seize these illegitimate gains. A wipe to solve this is a lazy move.
  10. May be - but there are many occasions, where a dissatisfied ex-player of DU can drop the message, even in other game forums - just like in this one here, where many posts mention EVE or other games.
  11. Well, i already canceled my subscriptions, and when a wipe happens i never return. It's a matter of trust. A company that does'nt keep their promises is not trustworthy - i'll spend my money elsewhere. And by the way - a dissatisfied customer spreads the word far more than one who is satisfied - this whole thing will damage the reputation of NQ far more than they may think.
  12. This fairness argument is so delusional and absurd. Let's say the server starts on 08/01/22, then every player joining this game one, two or 6 month later is entitled to call this an unfair game. I would have absolutely nothing against a wipe if NQ hadn't made people pay money for the beta. For me and many others, the start of the beta was the release of the game.
  13. Then NQ would have found a totally new definition for the word "persistent".
  14. All my tiles are paid for 12 weeks, until a decision of NQ regarding a possible wipe is made public i will not log in.

  15. Nope. If they do a full wipe it shows that NQ is untrustworthy and i don't give money to untrustworthy companies.
  16. If big orgs suvive this wipe they will have the first tiles claimed on Alioth near a market (1-10) within the first day - and then everything will be quite like before the wipe. This time it will even be faster than at the start of the beta, because the knowlege and experience is on the side of the older players.
  17. Well, i did it in my beginnings very often: Fly to Mx/District on Sanct, take shuttle to alioth, buy stuff, take shuttle back. No problem
  18. Well, there are many Orgs out there willing to help newbies, mine included. Read about the second M in MMO, this is'nt a solo game. Just to specify: I'm calibrating MUs on 20 tiles on Alioth, but most of the surface ore still lays around - a newbie in our Org can pick up several millions worth of ore within some days. He can use org factories, org ships, get's help for flying and any other problems may be solved within the org.
  19. That's your opinion, mine is: there is no valid argument for a wipe, not even a partial, because a wipe does not solve a single problem with the game in the current state, including the next Athena patch.
  20. why not permaban those insulting and trolling kiddies supporting a wipe? Seems like you have'nt yet learned how discussions work in your preschool.
  21. That is just an opinion, not a mathematical equation based on any facts, just on your personal feelings
  22. ah, you're getting personal and insulting - not a very adult behaviour, kiddy.
  23. If they decide to do a full wipe they brake what they promised - i never would have invested hundreds of euros und hundreds of hours in a so called "persistent" game, that may be wiped. It's a not funny definition of "persistent".
  24. I like this game, but i don't like companies that betray their customers.
  25. If a wipe, even a partial one without solving real technical problems is implemented with the release, i'm done with this game. Broken promises means broken trust. I would'nt invest more time and effort in an untrustworthy game company.
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