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  1. Still half a year (at least) to the Alpha phase start, and forum trolling and griefing is floundering . Boys, we need to restrain ourselves, or this community can become as corrosive as EVE fellas... But to remain on topic, surely tier 3 will be only part of the ladder; to build and use hyper-reinforced bricks will need you to learn to use tier 4 superalloys, tier 4 construction skill to add it to your construct, etc etc... Obviously all of this will require about a full college grade, roughly 3-4 years. Not bad to use hyper-reinforced bricks... I hope constructing high tier bricks will scal
  2. My two cents on this topic: As we do not know how the voxel system interacts with game engine is nigh to impossible to estimate the overhead that collision coordinate computation (first step to implement any collision damage) adds. We know that the engine computes voxel collisions, but there are algorithms that do that and do not compute the intersecting coordinates. That said, if the engine computes by itself that coordinates, implementing a simple damage model in the line of weapon damage is only moderately difficult (in terms of overhead) and completely doable. Regarding all the fus
  3. I have no doubt that you will be able to see that, either in built ships or blueprints. The question still remains of which significance that information will have. And, from what appears at this stage of our knowledge of what developers are doing with DU, the answer is that probably little to less than little. Of course that information can filter the most obvious scams (such a publicised surface capable ship with engine thrust incapable to lift off), but will be of no help to assess its real performance. Nor will help to compare with other ships; if you have some experience with EVE, DU ship
  4. The question is, are attributes going to be of any significance? Total mass, yes, but total mass will be influenced by cargo. Dry total mass can be an attribute that DU will be able to compute, but little else of any true significance. Real answer is: you are going to test yourself any ship to really know its real attributes and performance. And I'm going to put you an example that I think will give a lot of light to this question. Ok, imagine that Mutt Design Bureau, in partnership with a big alliance, designs and builds an Armored Cruiser (by dry tonnage) vessel (call it Armadillo class)
  5. Titanis, I have a lot of experience with KSP, programming, and RL performance estimations of designs. Heliomance is right. A list of basic characteristics of an spaceship that can be calculated automatically by DU will give little to no information about its real performance. He gives a really good example with thrusters pointing in diferent directions to add manoeuvrability. Simply adding thrust will not give you the total forward thrust of that design. Also, to judge manoeuvrability, is not the same if the main thrusters have some vectoring capability or not. I can imagine an autopilot scrip
  6. mmmm... I don't want script driven mining, because, in that case, you do not need in reality any supermachine to break a planet. All you need is good swarm programs and lots of small autominers. The megascale mining operation using gigantic machines is a waste of resources. The same can be accomplished with a big enough swarm of small machines. Also, such a mechanic is a very powerful weapon: go to your enemy planet, drop on it with a big army of autominers and a portable autominer factory. Use exponential growth of your autominer army to reduce the enemy planet to nothing in less time than th
  7. SandoMutt


    As some have stated, a general public bounty will not work. Is too easily avoidable: go with a buddy to your nearest Resurrection Node, ask him to kill you. Collect bounty, split proceedings and profit!. In EVE such general bounties were a laugh for a lot of time. That said, it can be done mediated by private contracts. That is, you pick a third party, put up a contract with it that is payable under the assumption of a probable kill report of the target. Done. Of course this means that the target do not knows that his head has a price. But well, organisations can be created to tackle that aspe
  8. Perhaps we have a great opportunity to make something really unique in the field of game economics. Regarding the problem of game currency, economy initial bootstrap, and control of the currency, there is a way, a very unconventional one, sure, to do things in a different mode. First, I want to point that, in any form that DU economic system is finally implemented one thing will be the same surely: DACs will be the de facto MONEY. I call in this context MONEY an economic asset that fulfils this three properties: Is a tradable asset in the system Is ubiquitous and "easy" to obtain (in the
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