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  1. no, please. This game isn't no man's sky, bro If you want realism, better will be, for example, ask your friends "Which sector have city with traders?" he said "Planet DU-22331 Sector3 1,3,37", isn't it?
  2. Combat is a good, of course. We can't play without combat, PVE is not good for fun. But if every boy will have gun in his hands - what will be with your buildings? A good idea - make weapons that for sale only, and set up very-very high price on it.
  3. I've seen many epic ideas.. But why you can't simply build a spaceship and just be explorer? It sooo funny...
  4. It is possible to add in-game researches? For example, you can buy it from sellers on space stations/cities or get by himself? It will be better than chained crafting (Brick -> reinforced brick -> super-reinforced brick etc.)
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