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  1. I took Lexikon back to its small shipyard on Haven, awaiting the arrival of DU's Long Sleep.


    I only subscribe through DAC now, but I am still listening daily to the community, taking notes, and the library can still be visited.


    Whatever happens, I'll remain on the lectern until the end.

  2. 1 hour ago, le_souriceau said:


    Then i just got my usual cynical variant by default from depths of brain. Good to know it was actually good will thing.


    Anyway, it feel like if it was some positive effect initially, it all kinda dessipated over all these years almost without trace.


    You're actually correct: this gift from Damasio (who is indeed something of a big shot in the french sci-fi litterature scene) was part of the "JC Legend", of that "vision" that was both Novaquark's strongest driving force and their most crippling factor back in the day, from 2014 to 2021. It all dissipated away when JC was kicked from his own project by a cabal of his investors, people with a more... pragmatic and money-centered mind.


    I won't say that was entirely a bad thing, but I'd like to see the likes of Granatino or Abboud try to bring Damasio back in for free, see how that works out for them...


    I remember a video of a french sci-fi/ gaming conference from the pre-KS time, when JC showmanned conventions to promote NQ and DU; at the end of his speech came questions and someone in the audience noted that having Alain Damasio on board was quite amazing and asked JC how he did it, and JC casually answered: "Well I just asked him, and he said 'yes'".


    We, as a community, and NQ, as creators of a universe, lost... something along the way. But I'm still confident we can somehow find it back. And the lore is part of it.

  3. On 12/23/2022 at 1:01 PM, le_souriceau said:


    I remember initially they bragged about that some mega_french_sci-fi author involved name of whom i'm always forgetting. But it seems NQ had only enough money to make him interested for couple of short texts, that become irrelevant somewhere in first years of endless changes.


    Actually, Alain Damasio gave his 5-part story to JC, for free, as a personal token of appreciation and to help kickstart the public interest into the game.


    However, since Damasio kinda overdid himself, NQ had to retcon some parts of his work.

  4. DU's lore biggest issue IMO is that it is secondary to the necessities of development. NQ has been ever tightening the belt since alpha ended and every cheap & fast solution they had to find to keep their game alive and going could not be bothered with such trivialities.

    The lore started kinda all right but then, game mechanics took priority over the sci-fi flair and consistency, and "Aphelia"'s so very convenient hold grew stronger over trade, land owning, warfare...


    We thought we had real events going on (artifacts, Lamarr...) because Beta was "the real deal" until it was not anymore and all of it was scrapped as another simulated dream.


    We were supposed to build civilization from the ground up but FTUE said no so we got markets and institutes on planets and moons on day one.

    One can only hope NQ will devote some time and money to collect and glue the pieces together and not leave us with "It works better that way" as our only comfort, looking at you NQ-Ripley...

  5. Lexikon managed to take off last month and is currently parked on Aegis Space Market. Nice view out there and I don't get to hear the bloody toads all the time anymore.


    VR Pod is still open to the public. Check the workspace for an insight on a rather startling archeological discovery...


    Now for some finishing touches.

  6. On 11/8/2022 at 2:46 PM, Shampizle said:

    I have a big group that would love to add more lore.  how can I get ahold of the NQ devs or story writers to look at and approve lore's that the community makes so that we don't mess up the lore that is, or will be implmented


    I would suggest you first post your texts in this very forum and share with the community.


    Then wait for NQ Ripley to actually set things in place, as no-one for now will officially approve anything.


    On a sidenote, the Lexikon library is always on the lookout for texts about DU, be they fictions, tales or essays of any kind.

  7. Aliens ? Beta actually started to paint an interesting portrait about "aliens": the Wrecks, the Artifact Puzzle, the Gold Star lost fleet, the Alien Cores...


    That was back in a time where we knew - or thought we knew - that things were "for real", the "real deal"... Wipe put a silver bullet into this poor beast's skull.


    However, wipe could also be the chance for a great renewal of lore, a chance to forget tricky questions ("If Alpha was simulation and Beta was reality, how come Aphelia knew about the existence of the Artifacts and their meaning ?") and smooth up l'histoire du jeu.


    True, the game's science is a narrative landmine and I suspect NQ's management has zero.dot.zero interest in this but with NQ-Ripley at the quill, lore may become a game pillar again.

  8. I understand what you mean and I agree. I'm just willing to roll with it, just to see where this will lead us to. Maybe a bang, maybe a flop, maybe a refreshing morning breeze over frost covered fields...


    Maybe they'll pull the ol' "This is still a simulation, multilayered and imposed on millions of sleepers because *insert reason here*"; I believe the game is called "Dual Universe" for a reason.


    Let's suspend our disbelief on the same nail we hung our hopes for a brilliant game to dry on for now and brush some dust off the tomes.

  9. Aphelia being insane is actually a valid lore angle.


    I understand mending lore will not be easy, NQ painted themselves in the corner on this one, but I feel we may just save something here...


    DUHS has a discord server that saves news into archives; general discussion there may attract lore-minded noveans: https://discord.gg/ecErPae


    Lexikon is a library ship, visitable ingame (VR Pod "Lexikon"); it offers texts and expos to read and see; still work in progress, currently rebuilding after the Beta Wipe

  10. NQ's gameplay decisions, notoriously brutal, were made on the go for gameplay's sake, the lore's consistency long forgotten in the face of the game's very survival against its own growing pains.


    However, now that the game is "released", maybe we can start to mend things. If NQ is really willing to pump life into lore again, I believe Shamsie and some of the community's writers can do some good.

  11. On 10/25/2022 at 10:32 AM, EdmundBlack said:

    Is There any official Lore Keeper in NQ?


    Alas, little effort has been made by NQ since Nyzaltar's rendering of the Bible and Alain Damasio's novel as far as "lore keeping" is concerned; Streamer Shamsie, aka NQ-Ripley, has been tasked with "writing things", so we can only hope he'll be put in charge of updating the lore soon.


    However, may I interest you into the works of the Dual Universe Historical Society and the Lexikon Library ? Both player initiatives are turned towards lore and game history...

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