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  1. Relatively dead time can be tricky when you got players from all over the world though :/
  2. Paying €10-13 a month is like, skipping two beers every month at the pub (or one, or three, depending on where you live), and I surely will have more fun playing this game every month that i can have with one, or two or even three beers in a month. It's amazing how much beer the dev team can buy every month with thousands of players.
  3. Like many others, random browsing on Facebook, saw the add, during work, and thought "I shouldn't click that link...". A day later and here I am.
  4. Nice video! Positive videos like this will hopefully also bring on more players. Keep it up! For me, the video on the Kickstarter page convinced me, but not everyone will start at the Kickstarter page.
  5. At this pace, yes, maybe the beta will come next year. Full release will however take some time since afaik all the stations and planets will be made by hand, and if you're going to have a hundreds of them they're going to spend lot of time just creating all the content. I still look forward to it
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