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  2. piloto19hh


    I don't think building robots is going to be possible. In my opinion, somehow it would make lose a part of the essence of Dual Universe, where the players control everything. In another hand, what may be possible (and I hope it is, if it hasn't been said yet) is to build small machines that make a specific function on they own, but very limited: For example you might be able to build a turret that shoots automatically if someone's in range, but that turret is static in one place and it can only shoot if it detects any intruders, anything else. So what I wouldn't like is to land on any planet and be met by robots without being controlled by any player. I'd want to be somehow forced to make alliances with other people to be powerful (which includes the need of doing something great so other people join you), not just by creating robots that you could make without excessive work but just with (much) time.
  3. piloto19hh


    Well, although it would be cool, I think you are right. A war would be started just to win the "elections" or even before it... Now you mention it, I think I've only seen organisations where its founder is the leader. And that'll probably not change. So, maybe what will probably happen is that the leaders of the organisations will start a war when/because they want, without the member's opinions. If you don't like it... well, too bad.
  4. You missed Spain Well, here I am, form Spain!
  5. piloto19hh


    I'd like to see the political parties system. That would mean that we should have a voting system, maybe ingame so the identity of the voters is verified. Pretty much like te Democracy in Europe.
  6. I want to create a Security Company. I will offer protection to those who, for example, want to establish a temporary mining base, or want protection during a transportation/voyage. I may also offer security structures and installations, like (if there will be any) turrets, security doors and whatever is possible when the game is released If the business doesn't work, I may be some sort of a "trucker" or hauler (?). All of that, of course, with my own ships, which will be improved past time, and the help of employees
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