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    Sationix reacted to Lethys in My biggest worry about this game   
    That's why there are safezones
    That's why you can conquer territory and use rdms to prevent ppl from building there.
    That's why you can buildĀ  protection bubbles on that tile to prevent attacks.
    That's why you can (and should) play with friends.
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    Sationix reacted to IMULTITALENTED in Scale?   
    Ok, I've been playing Elite Dangerous for a cpl years now. They use a 1:1 scale model of our entire Milky Way galaxy. Since the games release less than 1% has been explored. It's huge. Its first inception was also in 1985. Main game play is in what they call the "Human bubble" which is thousands and thousands of stars.
    Now, will Dual Universe be on 1:1 scale? For me, realism and science is a huge part of a great game. It's being able to explore the Universe without leaving my couch and feeling like your really out there. Also, this will be my only chance in my lifetime. If there's no actual science and realism and real scale, I and I'm thinking a lot of others won't be intersted. Right now, there's not much to ED, but it has realism and scale and I think that's why thousands of ppl play it. We need that in DU.
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