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  1. I wasn't gonna respond to this because it was off the topic of this thread but... Buford didn't end his subscription on his own terms. There was a server-side issue that abruptly ended his discounted subscription that he shouldn't have lost. He is now being asked to restart his subscription at the increased price even though he never intentionally ended his discounted subscription. NQ literally said that if your autopay is set up under the old price that you get to keep that old price, which is what Buford wants. This is why Buford is upset. So trying to tell him that he should pay the new price is kinda mean.
  2. I mean, that would work functionally, but it doesn't logically make sense in the universe. Feli needs a banana shipment from Jago. Why would they care who runs it? Why would you be able to access it and not me? However, if you aren't interested in lore logic and simply just wanting a functional solution then sure, that would work.
  3. I am that one person. With 20 characters and the mission system, I singlehandedly can raise enough quanta in three days to cover the taxes to keep Madis Moon 1 for over a month. I can confirm that this is true. The mission system is alt abusable and it pays out too much as a result. It needs to be reworked so it doesn't provide such an egregious imbalance of quanta earnings, and so min-maxxing it doesn't benefit only those with alts. Some ideas that either I have had or have heard from others are... - Why do I need 20 people to pick up 20 crates of bananas? If Feli needs bananas imported from Jago constantly, and someone has a ship capable of hauling 20 packages of them, why doesn't Jago just give that one person all twenty packages? Allow one person to pick up multiple packages of the same mission. This way, alts aren't required to minmax the system. - If the above change is made, then the rewards on the missions also need to be adjusted to ensure that one person can't fund an entire moon for a month on only two days worth of missions (20 packages at a time). Some people have suggested restrictions on how many packages you can carry, or how many missions you can do in a week, but those don't make sense. If Jago needs constant "Crates of Sand" from Symeon, they won't care if they get 20 crates from a single ship in one go, or if one ship brings them crates 20 times in a week. So, limits and restrictions don't make sense. I've heard of some people suggesting that delivery missions could be procedurally generated and only able to be accepted X number of times. This one makes sense. Say one planet needs a bunch of parts to manufacture warp drives and another has an excess, that planet may put up a request for 120 packages, and people can accept packages until 120 have been picked up. The downside is that this allows one player to hoard all of the packages and leave other players out of luck. Ultimately, game balance is delicate and very easy to throw off-kilter. I'll be the first to admit that NQ doesn't have the game balance perfect right now, but very few game companies have mastered game balance. Anyway, I wanted to put in my two cents since my moon shenanigans became a discussion point. EDIT (adding math) As for how the math works out, if I run Water Run (8.1 million per package), Territory Unit Parts (8.9 million per package), and Crates of Sand (9.5 million per package) in one day, that is 26.5 million quanta. Since I carry 20 packages at a time, that ends up being 530 million quanta. Three days is 1590 million quanta. Madis Moon 1 has roughly 1400 tiles (I don't recall the exact number). To pay taxes on every tile on that moon requires roughly 700 million quanta. Pay the taxes for one week, then let the tiles go inactive for 13 days. On that day, pay the taxes for one week to restart the cycle. It only costs around 1400 million quanta to cover the moon for just shy of 6 weeks.
  4. that guy needs help because there's no max speed in IRL space? Got it. Also, I don't see how I'm trolling or being toxic.
  5. The more I sit on this the more angry I get. Teasing a new feature like the alien cores or stasis weapons, sure. That's a fun addition. That's like the plane taking off and the flight attendant saying "Hey! We have some new drinks on the menu and we might be able to give you all some freebies!" Sure, there's uncertainty there, but it's either positive or nothing. In this case though, you are TEASING A FREAKING SERVER WIPE. This goes negative no matter which way you look at it. That's like a plane taking off and the flight attendant saying "Hey! We might just yank all the money out of your bank accounts and erase your credit scores and take away your home and job!" Seriously what the crap went through the head of whoever's idea this was?! Like... This is just a severe lack of respect for players like me who love the game, spend a lot of money on it, and play it. Like... what the everloving crap. What is your problem? Why would you do this? This has been mismanaged all to crap and it's absolutely ridiculous. Who the crap teases the possibility of losing over a year's worth of creative work? Absolutely awful. Oh, and your silence on this topic is DEAFENING.
  6. I'm sorry, but using the word "wipe" and then not giving us any information at all has literally left me not even wanting to play this game because I don't even know if I should even bother building anything. You can't just use that term and not give us any information.
  7. Honestly, the mission system definitely needs some work on both the player missions and the Aphelia missions. However seriously? Why can't I buff parcel containers or link them together? They're containers.
  8. When you say you're fixing the element stacking exploit, that means that you're making it to where stacked parts don't work. That I understand and support, but are you going to fix the issue where it's throwing false positives on what's stacked? Your own refer-a-friend jeep is stacked. Is that gonna cease to work?
  9. Thank you. This I can deal with. I appreciate you all being relatively quick at responding to the feedback. I can breathe a lot easier now without having to panic and worry about losing my ship collection or mining fields.
  10. Hi there, so I've only been playing for a little over a week and I bought a custom made ship after saving up a lot of quanta. Today I saw a post on the Discord stating that ships with stacked elements are subject to deletion without warning or compensation. After some research, I found that the ship I bought has stacked elements. If that ship gets deleted, I'm screwed. For veteran players, I'm sure this is just a mild annoyance, but for newer players who bought a ship from a showroom they could really get screwed over. I realize that this is an exploit and it needs to be fixed. Perhaps instead of DELETION WITHOUT WARNING OR COMPENSATION, you could instead just disable the ship so they don't function until the stacked elements are separated? At least that way, newer players don't entirely lose their investment and they can learn how to use build mode to separate the elements and still have a working ship even if it's a little ugly. It still also solves the problem of people flying around with an exploit to give them an unfair advantage because their ship won't function. Thanks for reading. EDIT: Before anyone responds... Yes I know how to separate them and I intend on doing so, and I know where some stacked elements are but I'm really new at the game and I might not catch them all. What if I separate all the elements I know of and it still gets deleted because I missed one? If they just disabled the ship from being piloted, at least then if I missed an element that I could still correct it and not lose out on my investment.
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