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  1. Seems pretty obvious to me that this mission system is not a "final attempt", in fact NQ came right out and said that. This skeleton system is clearly designed to test the framework of the mission system, not to provide a fleshed out system on day one. The $50k cost is, again obviously, designed to limit mission spamming by people who don't actually want something done. If you are new and poor enough to still be relying on the $150k welfare check then you are probably not the person to be posting missions. You are the person who should be looking to *complete* missions.
  2. I think putting a timer on market tiles that ends in fines/impoundment is a great idea. But also we should be talking about mitigating the need to physically travel to markets in the first place. I strongly suggest a system be implemented that allows players to have items shipped to them via bots. For a fee. Base the fee off of the same things UPS uses, distance, volume, and mass. And make the fees steep enough that there's rooms for actual players to undercut the bots if they want to provide player based delivery services.
  3. People taking advantage of luck, timing, and glitches are part of a free market. Be careful what you wish for.
  4. Most of us paid money for a subscription under different impressions. And for the last few months (the entire time I've been playing) crafting anything and everything you want has been part of the game. For most of us that's part of the appeal. Now if the devs want to change that it's perfectly fine, but they, and you, need to understand that they will become subject to the same market forces that they claim they want in their games. Specifically that people will pay for a product that they enjoy, and they wont pay for a product they don't enjoy. Now it doesn't matter what the original inte
  5. I'd also like to add that from a purely economic standpoint markets are *already* worth our time for most items. I'm sure that I'm not alone in feeling that I avoid markets primarily because of travel time and dealing with the lag at the market. I'd rather spend a few hours setting up my factory to make things than deal with making trips to the market. Currently in real life Amazon is proving that forcing people to travel to brick and morter stores is a failing business model. Surely in the distant future this will remain true..
  6. I've had a thought. Add a feature that allows players to research schematics. That way new and poor players aren't stuck under the heels of their corperate overlords. People can decide if they want to spend time or monopoly money on schematics. This will allow players of all levels to advance. It'll also create the possibility for players to wander off into the wilderness once the game gets big enough for that to be an option. Otherwise players would have to buy every schematic in the game before departing.
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