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  1. Ixmucane

    In-game voice.

    Perhaps text to speech would solve many of the perceived problems and provide advantages such as female avatars with a female voice, profanity filters, no unwanted background noises, less work and bandwidth used by servers, players choose from a dozen or so voices that can be tweaked slightly with sliders at the point of avatar creation, limiting the voice assets required on each client. Also provides a text log on the client in case you were afk during a conversation attempt, client could set distance range to hear conversation
  2. Heard it mentioned in a remark on a Twitch channel a few weeks ago and felt I should have already heard about it. Already have wasted enjoyed hundreds of hours in the genre recently with Space Engineers, Empyrion, Elite ( and the original many moons ago), EVE once upon a time and more recently involved in the Planet Nomads alpha, however this seems to bring the best aspects of each and combine them into one dream game that I have been waiting for for years, really hope it all works out. Haven't been this excited about a computer game since I fired up Gulpman on my new 16k ZX Spectrum, Christmas 1982!
  3. Beginnings of a great resource, look forward to seeing it expand and hopefully contribute
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