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  1. I played Eve for 2 months in 2013 and gave up on it afterwards because i felt like it wasn't an exciting enough game to pay for monthly. Same case with WOW. My point is that games have evolved soo much in just a short amount of time, the regular NPC grinding and farming just doesn't cut it for me any more. Dual universe on the other hand is a highly evolved thought of game, that has total immersion into its world something ive been wishing for, for along time. I have no doubt that this game will live to up to its potential and concept. So much to the point that if i could, I would fund the whole 550k for kickstarter if i could afford it in a couple paychecks but we all know that isnt the case lol. Out of all the games out there, this will be the one to make kids break there piggy banks and adults dive into there savings to pay monthly. I am a proud member of Band of Outlaws, Aye'. And the organization doesn't command us to act or submit, only to be wise. "Nothing is True, Everything is Permitted" That is the Universes only certainty.
  2. I have another post that probly wont be approved because it has waaayyyyy too much profanity and it was my first post. so im writing this for backup My dear good Outlandishrep, You are a casual gamer, you cry when you get killed and looted, you are a lactating and or pregnant woman, you are the type of person who places down a storage vault but doesn't put a pin code (Ark: survival evolved problems) and last but NOT LEAST you are the person that suddenly warps away while mining......because you see a single man Band of Outlaws fighter ship in the distance and after you warp to whatever location you try to flee to....you shit yourself because you realize that same single man Band of Outlaws fighter ship is still right on your asss.......you can't escape fate, BOO will come for you lmfao Band of Outlaws has enough dedicated members to protect eachother and our assests, So a fat giant middle finger to whatever fake account accusations you have. Band of Outlaws will leave a much greater mark in this single shard than any other organization will be able to, I can promise you that....All of us are willing to put it all on the line. "Nothing is True, Everything is Permitted" This is the Universes only certainty. P.S. That post did get approved...but i edited it and left just the salt part because even i, unprofessional as i may be, deemed it tooo unprofessional. If you would like to see the whole post then feel free to say so outlandishrep
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