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  1. It doesn't look like you get the name reservation with the Digital version... it doesn't say so anywhere at least...
  2. How do people feel about these new "Digital" founding lvls, and what they've done with DAC's vs the physical items (t-shirt and ID-card)? For both Silver and Gold this is true: Digital not only saves shipping, but also adds more value to the pack Personally i think the Digital versions should just have had the physical items removed, and everything else the same... I would love the t-shirt, and the ID-card... but i'm seriously considering changing my pledge to Digital, because i can save the shipping, and even get €54 extra value in DAC's... Edit: I changed to Digital Gold now... just seems to make more sense with what i get for my money...
  3. A couple of questions You say that you will generate all planets that a player sees/encounters, but wont store any information about said generated planets on your servers. 1) Doesn't this mean you need a static algorithm for procedural generation? 1a) One that won't generate differently, even if you do bug fixing to it. Because otherwise players might end up seeing different planets in the same area over time...? 2) Can we expect to be able to make ground vehicles, with wheels, tracks or even legs (mechs) ?? 2a) With scripting for ships/vehicles, and maybe stuff like motors/rotors/connectors/swivels, will we be able to connect several different vehicles/ships and have them interact?
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