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  1. Short answer: Using the market is really annoying because of disconnects and other problems (like incomplete item names in the notifications). Other players have reverted to the stone age where they trade in person and use different channels like discord to arrange trades, but I am not interested in doing this because it takes too much time. And there are other games which do have an actual economy.
  2. I was expecting a game with an economy where i can find a place to make money. And where I can explore the solar system to find interesing places. And with interesting interactions between player orgs to fight over resources or something that matters. Found a game which mostly tries to attract players who like building pretty stuff with voxels.
  3. Just wanted to bump this between all those "I will quit the game" and "NQ is bad" posts. They are really getting boring.
  4. Ok, I stopped playing the game a while ago. However I still lurk around the forums. The DU "community" is such a blast! The most toxic community I have ever seen! People throwing tantrums seems to be quite normal. Telling someone "This is our game and not yours" too. I am having a blast just by reading the forums. Anyone else?
  5. I am a dev myself. Not NQ obviously. But if I were in their position i would 100% not read the forums. As a community-manager, yes. As a dev, no. This forum for me is only a huge "dev-blaming". If you ever really were a "dev" yourself, then you would know that they are not "the enemy". They are the ones who make this game. Not the ones who stand between the game and you. To be honest: I would rage quit instantly if my custumers were that hostile to me.
  6. I am not sure if the way NQ wants to implement the element destruction is the best way, but I think it is a good direction when it comes to economy. A lot of people seem to have a problem that newbies may lose one or two times they can repair an item due to bugs/lags/bad flying/whatever. First: The tutorial could also give a new player like 3 speeders as "compacted blueprints" instead of one. No one will care because they are not worth much. Second: This is still beta, so there are bugs. That is why it is called a beta. Third: This is a real opportunity for actual emergent ga
  7. I pretty much quit the game right now, although i really had fun during the first 1-3 weeks. The most important reason for me is probably because I am in a minority and it is a problem which NQ should probably not focus on right now and I totally understand that. But my main OS is Linux. Playing DU requires me to boot into another OS which I only set up to play DU. That is a huge overhead to login at all. However I know that there are more important tasks for NQ to do right now. But the other reason why I stopped playing the game is that none of the "professio
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