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  1. I see no problem for people to know about the bug. It is more dangerous for the game to use the error. And it is very important to know who is using the bugs and which organizations are incompetent in the game.
  2. Nice idea. A software bug needs fixing. Some skill points can be given to people (XKentX) who find serious problems.
  3. In discord... teamspeak - 95% fact.
  4. Thank you for your hard work. I wrote in another thread about triangular windows. They are in the game, but there is no access to recipes)))
  5. Aleksandr. Maybe It's better to discuss this in Reddit. I'm afraid to get banned here.
  6. "When I asked in Hyperion discord for comment, they threatened me that disclosure of this violated EULA and I will get a ban." It's strange for me to see that. I paid for 6 months subscription. Maybe I was in a hurry...
  7. Please! Give ACCESS to triangle window. I want made beauteful ship. Transparent voxels will be good too.
  8. NPCs are in great need. I'm building a ship now. I want to play semi-AFK this weekend. My equipment is working and I'm waiting for when it will be possible to put a new part on the ship. If NPCs sometimes flew to the base and attacked it with small destruction, but I could use weapons and get loot, it would be VERY very cool and not so boring. This gameplay could help me master the mechanics of PvP and base defense. And help build my ships.
  9. elizaroff

    Warp... PvP

    Many people want to have a warp disruptor in game. I watched some videos and realized that the game needs a Stasis Webifier to reduce the speed of a targeted object. Speed affects tracking and can affect the ability to warp jump. If the warp happens at maximum speed, then Stasis Webifier will work against the jump. It is important to make it impossible to jump if there are objects near the ship. Speed and agility will decide the outcome of the battle. Cargo size vs engine power. Greed vs mind... warp disruptor is not needed as a separate module
  10. ... Alioth all in bubbles... thousands bubbles! freezes and 2-3 fps... ))) HED-GP style "pvp"
  11. digging T4 and T5 in safezone kills PvP
  12. I wold want see serial mini games whith simple bots for understanding : firings, radar works... simple attack taŅktics and escape))
  13. Bubbles - cancer from eveonline, garbage for server, grid and envirinment.
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