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  1. I have not video. A few minutes ago I flew from Ion to Symeon. After the warp, I saw THIS))) Station with a metal mesh. I had zero speed and flew cautiously for several kilometers. I have not seen more stations. Then he turned on the engine and began landing. One station is not a problem. If there are 100, it will start to create BIG problems. While I can recommend after the jump to fly slowly for several kilometers and look around. You must have the means and the willingness to slow down quickly
  2. ... to do perfect collisions with legions of disposable suicide space stations at 29,999km/h. )))) Easy loot, easy frag.
  3. If a ship gets hit by a collision, then the space station should also be damaged. There should be no one-sided game. Ок?
  4. ...with suicide gankig, craziest implants and drugs, agromagement in Osmon, Magic Triglavian ships... gate camps, cynos, undock-masturbation....
  5. We need to think about asteroids now. In order not to add crutches (scramblers, interdictors, cloacking devices,invulnerables...) like in EvE ))) DU has physics. There is no physics in EvE. The CCP game has a set of abstract rules, just like DOTA. Eve is a different class of games. There are other projects that you can benefit from. Why take out EvE's trash?
  6. Situation: "A pilot flew to the asteroid and saw the miners there. He saw these miners 2 hours ago at the market in Alioth. He knows the vector of their warp and will be able to catch them with his friends." Randomize spoil the hunt and the game...
  7. It's too easy. Much more interesting is the competition between victim and attacker. The outcome of a battle can be decided not only by weapons. Ship weight, skills, ship design. Large ships don't have to fly safely. And small ships should have a great chance to reach safe zone after warp.
  8. You talked about the "invulnerable timer" this is about the gate and about the game where there are many gates. The game has only one system in which you can launch a comet that contains 1kk of plutonium, which is only found in comets.This will be enough for people to start killing. Do not copy completely eve-online. )))
  9. in EvE you can find another way around the Rancer, Tama, HED-GP... The end-warp point must be chosen by the player. At one point there will be a permanent "gate-camp".
  10. Good idea. Space stations may have a force field that uses fuel. for offline...
  11. landing zone with 143 Mobile Large Warp Disruptor and CYNO for drop Motherships))) This is kill EvE.
  12. I am against some mechanics who spoil EvE-online. Many things in EvE leave no chance for the victim.
  13. Nice suggestions for 24/7 gate-camping. This is the most popular and unskill gameplay from EvE
  14. Why make EVE-Online from DU? These are two different games. The jump must be in the direction of travel. The player must control movement in the star system. EVE abstract game with 2.5 D
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