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  1. I must have missed the part where you mentioned error 100 in your first post, maybe my browser didn't render it. Also, for future reference:Server status
  2. This thread is not about that. There is a dedicated web page for server availability maintained by Devs. Google it.
  3. I sent them a reminder email after which someone responded and asked for EXACTLY the same information sent previously. I simply replied and told them this was totally unacceptable. They then refused to give me a refund stating that i have logged in!!!! FFS.
  4. So, NQ support are now ignoring my emails despite the fact i'm TRYING to help with problem diagnosis. As they are uninterested in resolving this and i've still got no access to DU I am going to try to get a refund.
  5. Sadly, they haven't. And now the Support team are ignoring my emails so, I'm trying for a refund - if I can get someone to answer!
  6. Hmmm.... So, like many i'm still getting this error more times than I am not getting it. No matter how many times I delete the game directories, the cache folder and clean the registry of all EU8 entries. BUT I'm still missing something. I re-install and STILL the game knows my login info (Saved email/password) and I'm guessing it shouldn't if the game folder, cache and registry have been cleaned! If it's keeping this information somewhere then there might be other info that is possibly saved causing my (our!) issue. Any one any idea what I might be missing?
  7. I would have to think the same as you with regards to their issue. If you've sent logs and I have and, I hope others, then they should be getting enough clues to help them diagnose the issue. Fingers crossed!
  8. That's good (it's working!)/bad (it'll demotivate them to resolve it as it's "working") to know. Regardless of what you did on your side, it is likely to me that they have some sort of protocol/backend issue. Like many others, I don't have any such issue for any other games or apps. Would you mind updating us in a few days/week to let us know if you still have reliable access?
  9. That unusual because I didn't get this sort of response. Did they actually blame your ISP? I was asked to provide a couple of log files and run a DU network test script and send back to them. They the. Responded and said that the Devs are aware of the problem and obtaining more information from other affected players to try to resolve it. This was about 2 weeks ago.
  10. Made zero difference to me, still the same issue. In addition, a lot of VPN connections are now not working as well meaning it can take me 20+ minutes to find a working VPN point. If I don't within these 20 minutes then I tend to give up and come back later.
  11. Already done and working with Support right now via email. Just sent a load of files through to them after running some network script they linked to. In addition, I've just tried the list in another thread that resets network stack etc and all completed successfully. Now re-downloading but where I am right now the internet is pretty dire at this time of night so it will be hours before I can run the game again.
  12. I have a guess that the external IP you use can some how get blocked on the DU servers. Maybe they record it and if you CTD/Disco then it doesn't clear this record lock causing it to be blocked in the future. The reason I say this is that I have this issue with my home network right now but, if I fire up a VPN (Nord) and keep swapping VPN exit points I can eventually find one that allows me to connect. I've tried rebooting my cable modem but it keeps coming back with the same IP. That's great for other reasons (yay!) but bad for this particular issue as right now I am unable to connect without spending 20 minutes choosing random Nord VPN locations. Of course, if I'm right, then eventually all my VPN points will be used and I'll be locked out completely. Whatever the issue is caused by, it's fuxing annoying and needs to be at the top of the bug list - if you can't actually get in to a game then bugs INSIDE the game are largely irrelevant.
  13. Solrac, thank you! This is incredibly odd but a VPN has solved this issue for me. I wonder if my cable routers IP is now "locked" some how and needs to wait for a server reboot/cleanup routine? edit: VPN solution is no longer working. I'm back to being locked out at the Login Timeout screen. So very disappointed.
  14. Hey all, just downloaded today. Managed to login the FIRST time. I customised my character and then the next screen was totally black. If I randomly clicked in a few places I could hear things clicking in the background but, I couldn't see anything so, I had to force close. Now, when I try to login i get put in the queue and then I get "Login timeout". The servers are up. I've uninstalled and run CCleaner and reinstalled but, still get the same error. This is obviously very frustrating, doubly so when all support do is write a generic copy/paste email. I'm on windows 10. Local firewall is off. I'm not convinced it's actually a network issue anyway as it *did* work the first time. Anyone any suggestions I can try before i'm forced to request a refund? Thanks! edit: Starting a VPN helps resolve so this appears to be an IP recording/clashing issue on the DB side of things. Now i get to something like 95% then get "Disconnected by the server". edit2: nope, VPN solution is no longer working.
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