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  1. J'ai envie de repondre non, mais il y a enormement de probleme de stabilite des qu'il y a beaucoup de data entre le serveur et le client.
  2. Oui le pc devrais etre plus que bon, peut etre le cache? jeux et cache en ssd, et ssd different peut etre. J'ai pas de probleme de lag, et j'ai une config bien moins bonne que toi (i5 6500, 1060). Autre option possible, il y a une option pour le nombre de threads a utiliser pour les voxels je crois, reste sur ton nombre de core pure (pas les logiques).
  3. Il fait 15G sur le disque. Je ne me rapelle plus en DL combien c'etait.
  4. Le mieux, c'est de contacter le support sur discord et/ou un ticket support (ce dernier peut prendre beaucoup de temps, discord est plus rapide). Ca arrive a beaucoup de monde de ne pas le recevoir, je ne me rapelle plus de quand est-ce qu'il est delivrer.
  5. Quand tu n'es pas dans le mode de construction, il y a l'outil 'manoeuver tool' qui te permet de deplacer et faire touner un peu ton vaisseau. super utile, je le laisse constement dans ma toolbar.
  6. Adjustors for force, there are good reasons I can think of (translation for precise manoeuvering on landing), Torque en Engines, I wouldn't (It's complicted enough on KSP), but they asked for it, so just saying it's available. The keys words here are eventual and final, both in parenthesis because they are not yet in game, making your sentence not correct for the time being, and there is no way for you to garantee that it will be the case in the future! So especially for the beta time, there are a lot of reasons to want pve ships and not so much to have pvp ships. When and If things change in the game to increase the pvp attractiveness by adding more feature in the pvp area, then things may change, yet things will change in the safe area too to add attractiveness into the safe area too.
  7. Ahah, IL a mis son tutos RDMS en ligne: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JvZc79Dlaqw C'est plutot bien expliquer, je pense que vous devriez trouver de quoi faire.
  8. I know it's an old comment, but I am going to use your same way of thinking (currently it is limited, and I don't like pve) but against you, ready? First, in the long run, there won't be any pure pvp ships because what you can do outside of a safe zone is limited... Let's be honest and let's compare the feature inside and outside current safe zone! Safe zone: - mining - Terraforming - Ship building - Space station building - Base building (inc industry) - Territory control - Hauling (goods and people) - Trading - Atmospheric flight - Space flight Non Safe Zone - Space station building - Hauling (goods and people) - Space flight Humm I wonder who is too limited in their gameplay ... As for what the long run will bring, correct me if I am wrong, but you have 0 confirmed sources of what it will be for real, just are just expecting the game to move in the direction you want... From the codex in game: Physics scripting, how is your ship flying? ...engines are capable to exert a force on the body of the ship. To be more precise, there are two things an engine can generate: Forces: they actually push your ship and make it move in a given direction Torques: they make your ship rotate on itself To simplify the control problem, we made a first move by defining engines that can do "torque" only, called the "Adjustors", vs engines that can do "force" only, basically the other engines. Hovercraft engines are the only engines capable to produce force and torque at the same time. You can control the thrust of each individual engine in your ship by plugging them in the Control Unit and using the setThrust method. However, this can become tedious as the number of engines grow, and it is quite difficult to calculate exactly what thrust to apply to which engine if you want to control the overall global cumulative effect. So, we introduce a cool notion to simplify the process of controlling your engines: grouping. Grouping engines is done via a tagging mechanism, that you can access by right-clicking an engine and setting its associated tags. By default, all engines are tagged with "all" and some other tags indicating their typical role in the ship control. The default tagging is the following: Adjustors: all, torque Hovercraft: all, vertical, torque Vertical Boosters: all, vertical Air brake or Retro Engines: all, brake All the others: all, horizontal Note that all engines have the option to be used for torque and force, so any ships can have their engines placement to be important if they want to... The core problem of min/maxing, so not using voxel and making ugly mess that don't make sense howver is still existent, especially on smaller ships, as on larger ships (especially cargo one), the voxel mass is very low compared to the element/cargo mass. it also depend on the type of vexel used, my xs cargo hauler have very little voxel mass and still look good to my opinion, and there are many great ships builders out there who do an incredible job without over exageration on the element side!
  9. You start with 2, but you start with lvl1 on the skill (I believe, I don't remember), just as you start with lvl1 on static and dynamic to be able to do the main tutorial.
  10. It's actually not that hard (for personal core), it's in Mining And Inventory -> Architect Core Unit Upgrade: +2 active core units, each level of this skill allow you to have 2 extra cores deployed (static, dynamic or space) Advance Core Unit Upgrade: +1 max active core units, each level of this skill allow you to have 1 extra core deployed ((static, dynamic or space) So that's a total of (5*2)+(5*1) = 15 cores units deployed for you (under your character name) Static Core Unit Expertise: Allow you to unlock Static/Space Cores of a specific size. 1:XS, 2:S, 3:M, 4:L Dynamic Core Unit Expertise: Allow you to unlock Dynamic Cores of a specific size. 1:XS, 2:S, 3:M, 4:L That's it for you as a character. For Organization, I am less sure if it's per organization or per character no matter the org (as long as your character is legate in that org). My guess is that is it per organization and the (super)legate with the best skills determine the maximum amount. it's in Mining And Inventory -> Organization Construct Management Organization Construct Management: +5 org construct (Core Unit, it's NQ, there is no consistency in names) per level, each level allow the org to have 5 constructs extra (static, dynamic or space) Organization Construct Management Specialization: +100% org construct (Core Unit, it's NQ, there is no consistency in names) per level, each level allow the org to double the amount of constructs extra (static, dynamic or space) Advance Organization Construct Management Specialization: +100% org construct (Core Unit, it's NQ, there is no consistency in names) per level, each level allow the org to double the amount of constructs extra (static, dynamic or space) So that's a total of (5*5) = 25, 25 + 25 + 25 = 75 constructs deployed in an org (under the org name)
  11. Je n'y connais rien den rdms, mais le prochain tuto de Elias devrait etre justement ce sujet, en esperant qu'il tombe bientot https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCefTKf_ZamRbtzlYZJLRIVw/videos Peut etre si tu arrives a le pm, il peut aider.
  12. Yes you can! I know that by experience, it's where I put mine so I have a full overground tile to work on.
  13. Ouai solution facile, - tu choisis un cargo qui a plus de 6000L d'inventaire - click droit - tu le selectione comme contenaire linker (je ne suis pas sur du choix a faire si tu a le jeux en Francais) - CTRL+I pour passer ton inventaire principale entre celui du nanopack et celui du container linker. - et voila.
  14. Si tu es capable de le reproduire a 100% ou presque, je te conseil de faire un rapport a NQ sur le portail de support, afin qu'ils puissent regarder ca de plus pres! Par ce que des joueurs avec une petite connection, il y en a plein, et si le probleme viens bien du chargement en zone charger, c'est important qu'ils regardent ca.
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